All Things Have a Beginning

Congratulations on beginning thejourney!

Within this book I will be sharing a vast wealth of knowledge. Things that I have learned, experienced, and created, over the course of my lifetime so far! Much of this book will be serious, because it needs to be in order to wok. But I have also injected a lot of my humor, sarcasm, arrogance, and many interesting facts, so that you enjoy the experience and stay more dedicated to making it really wok for you. So if you guarantee to me, and most importantly to yourself, that you will read and apply what I ask you to, then I will guarantee that no matter who you used to be, your Alpha will be AWAKENED!

Change can happen instantly, but habit takes time and conscious effort. So no matter how quickly you begin to notice and feel the improvements, you will only get the long lasting and quality habits though repeat practice and staying focused on the improvements. So keep doing it until it works. After all, haven't you grown tired of not having the life you admire others having?


In much of this book you will come upon statements like "an Alpha does/does not.." or "an Alpha is/is not.." and it might appear as if I am suggesting no other alternate behavior exists to be an Alpha. This is not the case however. As you will discover in the very first chapter, I have discovered various versions of the Alpha. They are all valid Alphas, but they are NOT all suggested ones. So when I am stating what an Alpha does and is, understand that I am smply directing you in a specific: way, so that you can awaken and BE the kind of Alpha that I have found to be the most successful, the most fulfilled, and the most effective. The entire point of this book is to FIRST bring out the more powerful BETA aspects that you have, empower them in ways that get you closer to the outcomes you prefer in your life, and as a result, you awaken the ALPHA that has always been within you! In short, you'll go from the Beta you already are, to the Beta that gets Alpha results, to the Alpha that you were meant to be!

I have no control over which kind of Alpha you become however, I only have control over the information I provide to get you there. In the end, you will become whichever kind of Alpha you feel best serves you, and it might not be the kind I agree with. So you must take full responsjbility for the Alpha you become.

Own your identity, and you own your destiny!

Also, be aware that an ALPHA is not just something a MAN can be, women can be, and are, ALPHA as well. So you will find examples in this book where the male is used in the ALPHA role, and times when the woman is used in the ALPHA role. The examples are not gender specific: because they only apply to the gender discussed, they are done that way simply because that gender is the best one to use based on the topic. Make sense?

As far as how to best use this book, there is no one way that works best for every single person. Some find it easier to read the book first, then go back and do the exercises. Some find it easer to read the chapters they feel they need the most improvement with, then read the other chapters after that. Some find it easer to read a few chapters, wait a day or two, then read a few more chapters, and so on. There is a large variety of ways to use this book. All that mattes, is that you read the entire book, and do all of the exercises. How you do it, is left up to your own imagination and preference.

Take in a deep breath right now go ahead.

Take in that loooooong deeeeeep...breath.

That was the first breath of life of the Alpha you're about to become. Savor it.

Now turn the page, and prepare to be AWAKENED!

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