Building an Alpha Personality Part Three Emotional Messages

To help train yourself to understand your emotions better, and to become more effective in understanding the messages that your emotions are trying to deliver, do the following...

1) Think of the last time you really got mad.

2) Out of all the things in that situation, what ' s one or two of the MAIN reasons you think you got that mad?

3) Of those one or two reasons, think of a situation when that happened, but you didn ' t get as mad.

4) What was it, specifically, about that situation that made you not get as mad?

5) Usmg the situation from S3, apply your reasons for not getting as mad to the situation from S1, and answer this question: "What message might you mind have been trying to tell you?"

6) Thinkng about the situation in S1, how could it have been worse than it actually was?

7) As you think about how it could have been worse, answer this question: "In what ways could you keep yourself from getting mad?"

8) The next time you feel yourself getting mad, ask yourself this question: "In what way can I use this to benefit in a good way?"

Do this exercise usmg a variety of emotions, like "depressed" or "overwhelmed" or "foolish" or "afraid" or whatever emotions you currently feel on a regular bass. Come back to this exercise frequently, so as to get yourself to act and react in different ways than you currently do.

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