Group Four

Stay home alone tonight/today. Do not let ANYONE into your home, (friends, family, someone hot looking, etc.) and use at least ONE FULL HOUR of the night/day to do the "Lone Wolf" exercise.

Either right before going to bed, or right after wakng up. List "5 great ways to not let an obnoxous/insulting person cause you to get angry."

**Week 2: "6 logical ways you can get a riaise/legally make morie money, than you do right now."

Week 3: "7 things you would buy, one each for seven different people (family ori friiends, NOT PROSPECTIVE LOVE INTERESTS) but NONE OF IT can be a gift you get to share along with the person, the gift must be only for them.

Week 4: "8 playful ways to make someone laugh." **

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