Walk up to a total stranger, say to them with sincer¡tyj "I hope you enjoy your day/evening" (based, of course, on which tme of day you see the person) and say it as if you've known them for months or even yeas. Then smply walk away.

(Note: If they stop you and want to talk. Give them NO MORE than 3 minutes of your tme, and no matter how intrigued you may be by them, firmly tell them you must be going and walk away. If they say ANYTHING to get you to stop again, tell them that if they want to chat later, they need to quickly write down their phone number/e-mail address...DO NOT PROMISE TO CALL/WRITE, simply say you'll "try and get back to them when I have the t'lme." then walk away.)

Listen to a muste station that plays songs you normally don ' t listen to (but NOT one of a style you hate), for at least an hour.

Write in your journal a fantasy story that ' s at least one full page long. (It doesn ' t have to be very good, or even make much sense, but it MUST have detail)

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