As that someone you enjoy spending lunch with becomes fully vsble again, IMAGINE as you ' re continuing to enjoy them being here with you, that their features, their face, begins to blend.Jnto the features that look more and more like YOU. Notice how their nose blends to look just like your nose, yet you ' re still enjoying them being here at lunch with you...their eyes blending to look like your eyes...and the enjoyment of them being their is still strong continue to do this until each little feature THEY have, blends into all the little features that YOU have. And notice that the entire time you did this, you were enjoying how fun this was. 7.

So if you did as you should have done, you should now be feeling the exact same enjoyment sitting with YOURSELF as you did when you wee sitting with that someone you really enjoy spending time with.

Since logically you know you weren ' t really sitting with yourself, I want you to focus on the reality of that fact that you still enjoyed that lunch you wee having. The only thing that really changed, was how you were seeing and feeling who you were thee with.

Since that is obviously true, a truth you experienced for yourself, you now have an idea of how it is possjble to feel the enjoyment of having that lunch with "someone," even if that someone wasn ' t always thee with you.


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