Take each one, and think of a SPECIFIC TIME when it was a good thing, and another time when it was a bad thing. Make sure to do a "good" and a "bad" for each one.

When you have done them all, do the final step... 7.

Take ONE aspect from your "Lion" one from your "Goat" and one from your "Serpent" and find a grouping that, when put together, would likely produce an interesting result. Then imagine, in detail, what one of the interesting results could be.

Do this until all of your aspects have groupings, even if you end up having to reuse an aspect from one grouping for another grouping. For example, you might list "Likeable" with "Scared of confrontations" and "Short tolerance for people who don't get to the point." Or, "Confident around obnoxous people" with "Insecure talkng to attractive people" and "Like to make fun of people with accents." You get it? The point here, is to get you used to takng aspect of YOU that already exst, and arraigning them in ways you may not have done in real life. As you go through the other exercises, and find yourself growing and changing, the things you write down when doing this exercise in the future, will change. With change, comes different results, and from that comes other changes, and so on.

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