Write out ONLY the "goat" aspects of who you are. This means that you want to write out the insecurities that you have. For example, you might write "Not confrontational" or "Intimidated by authority" or "scared of roller coasters." Take another 10 minutes, minimum, to write out as many as you can think of. Once that ' s done, move on to...

With EACH ONE YOU WROTE OUT, think about a SPECIFIC TIME when that aspect ended up being a good thing.

Once again, here is a personal example from an insecurity I used to have. I listed "Intimidated by beautiful women" at one time, as a "goat" aspect of myself. And a SPECIFIC TIME that ended up being a good thing, was when I was walkng down a street one day, and I saw this amazng lookng redhead. I thought I had no chance with her, so I didn't even approach her. It turned out to be a good thing, because at around the time I would have been approaching her, a car drove by, hit a puddle, and would have gotten me as soaked as it got her.

Take each aspect that you wrote, think about a specific time when that aspect ended up being a good thing, and write it out in as much detail as you can. Continue when you have finished them all.

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