Now imagine again what it feels like being at lunch with someone you enjoy spending time with.

Continue reading when you can feel that, even if you only feel that a little bit.

Now imagine that there you are, at lunch with someone you enjoy spending time with, feeling what that feels like. Then SUDDENLY the lights go out everywhere you are having lunch with, everywhere except where you are sitting. Where you are sitting is still lit up as if nothing had happened. You can ' t see who you ' re there with, you can ' t see anyone else in the restaurant, but you can still FEEL what it feels like having them there.

Continue reading when you can imagine that, even if you can only imagine it a little bit.

Take that feeling, that feeling of comfort...of enjoyment, that feeling you feel being at lunch with that person you enjoy spending time with. And notice that as you are still feeling that feeling of enjoyment of being there with someone you enjoy, the lights SUDDENLY COME BACK ON, yet that person you were enjoying being there with is not there anymore.

Now you ' vejust proven to yourself that it ' s NOT the presence of having another person with you, but that instead the FEELING that you feel when that other person is with you.

So if it ' s about the FEELING, then nothing stops you from indulging in that feeling, that feeling you enjoy, that feeling you can give yourself, without needing another person there.

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