You like to collect something that you really enjoy (comic books, ceramic angels, bottle caps, whatever) How do you react when someone you're romantically interested in, finds out?

A) I make no apologies for it.

B) I worry what they think of me because of it, and make fun of myself to them

C) If they say something demeaning or insulting about it, I stop collecting.

D) If they say something demeaning or insulting about it, I stop being romantically interested in them.

E) I react a different way (detail how you react a different way) QUESTION SEVEN

You meet someone who's opinion mattes to you. When they ask you about yourself, you:

A) Tell them the entire truth.

B) Tell them most of the truth, but also make up some stuff to impress them.

C) Avoid answering the questions by being vague and changing the subject.

D) Tell them the truth on things I'm comfortable with, but avoid the question or become vague on things I'm embarrassed or insecure about.

E) Some other answer (detail what that other answer is) Okay, we're done with part one.

Remember, there wee no "wrong" answers, just answers that accurately reflect who and how you are. By the time you finish all the "Building an Alpha Personality" parts, these questions and exercises are going to empower you in ways you might not have realized. Plus, you'll see that what you thought were "bad" might actually be "good" parts of you, as well as changing or enhancing the "good" so you can freely be a little "bad." (It'll all make perfect sense when we're done, trust yourself)

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