Reality In Is The Mind

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Face reality" or "Be realistic" or even "Get real" ?

My question is, who ' s reality are they comparing it to, to determine what being 'Veal" "realistic" or what "reality" truly is? And what makes THAT "reality" the only logical or beneficial one??

Remember much earlier in this book, I spoke about Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile? If Mr. Bannister had let himself be lead by the "reality" at that time, which was that no one had broken the 4-minute mile, he never would have broken it! He never would have, because he would have accepted a "reality" that did not have it!

What I'm trying to get across to you, is thatjust because something has not been done, is no reason to accept that you can ' t do it. Just because people tell you that you can not do or achieve something, does not make it real.

Just as Roger Bannister allowed himself to indulge in the belief, the reality, that he could beak the 4-minute mile, so too do YOU need to find your own personal "4-minute miles" to break.

In the 1950 ' s the "reality" was that a man-made craft in space was nothing more than science fiction. But then on October 4th, 1957, Russra opened up the "space race" by launching of the very first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite. The "reality" changed. Now it was science fiction to send a living creature into space. But the Soviet Union again proved that reality wrong, on November 3rd, 1957, when they launched Sputnik 2 carrying a dog, named Laika. Once again "reality" had changed. Then in April 1961, a Russran named Yuri Gagarn became the first man in space. Yet another change in "reality." By this time it was not consdered science fiction that it might be possjble to send a man TO the moon, but most people thought it was likely imposssble for a man to actually walk ON the moon. Then the "mposssble" happened. On July 20, 1969, Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. So, you see, "reality" is not solid.

Reality is fluid, it allows for changes, and conforms around those changes to enhance itself. "Reality" is only as unchangeable as you accept it to be! Literally EVERYTHING in exstence had a moment in time when it did not yet exst, until it was created.

This book, this font, this format, the way in which you were able to buy this book, all the little components that made getting this book pad for and sent to you, your ability to read and comprehend and apply the wads that are in this book, at one time did not exist. It did not exist until someone had the belief that it could be real, they "saw" it as something that could be real, they accepted that it could be real, and they made it real. Your ability to know what these words are that you are reading, is a result of someone creating a system that at one time did not exst, and the end result was the English language, which you wee taught, and are now ussng.

So instead of being someone who looks at your life and thinks, "I can ' t," imagine the results that await you by thinkng, "How can I?" If you focus on the "reality" where you are not living the life you most dese, that is the life, the reality, you are accepting. However, if you focus on the "reality" where you can envson and embrace what having the knd of live you truly dese would fee/ like, you are much more likely to get it! Of the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of people that have lived and died on this planet, NO TWO PEOPLE EVER LIVED THE EXACT SAME LIFE!

How is this posssble???

How can so many people have lived, and not ONE ever lived the exact same life as ANOTHER???

It ' s posssble, because no two people has ever seen every sngle thing the exact same way, they never reacted to every sngle thing the exact same way, they never believed every sngle thing the exact same way, and they never wanted to accomplish every sngle thing the exact same way! This is something NOBODY can posssble disagree with! And if you can not disagree with THAT, then you also can not disagree that what ONE person accepts as "reality" does not make that reality the only posssble nor logical nor acceptable one!

Imagine the posssbilities...over thee billion people currently living on this planet...each with their own "reality" and all of them are right. So if there are billions of realities, then surely you can change the ONE you have and blend it with another reality...or create, and live, a life that better inspires you than the one you ' ve been accepting for far too many painful years.

Okay, so let ' s do a fun exercise, and get some new Mojo into your reality.

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