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Now it ' s time to practice ussng your Emosc player.

Pick any song, from the "Relaxation" category you created, and imagine you hear a "click" as you mentally press the button to let it play right now. Listen to about a minute of the song.

How did that feel? Hopefully relaxed on SOME level. I would suggest doing this for at least one song in each category, j'ust to get in the habit of how it feels to use it.


Before we move on to the next chapter, I want to add a 9th category. This category, I want you call it, "AlphaSleep." This one is going to be different than the "Sleep" category, in one respect. In this category, you ' re going to add what are called "affirmations" to the muste. In the event you ' re unfamiliar with affirmations, here is a smple example:

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