Step Two Instillation

Mentally set asde the three songs you chose, we ' ll come back to them shortly.

Right now we ' re going to install the Emosc "player" insde your brain. Start by imagining the most amazing lookng sound system you possfoly can. See what the speakers look like, and how many speakers there are. What does the player itself looks like? What buttons are on it, and what do those look like? Imagine every little detail that you possfoly can. Take a minute to do that.

The great thing about your Emosc player, is that there are no wires and cords to worry about. It ' s wired to your ban, so it ' s going to reman insde you.

Now that you know what your Emosc equipment looks like, let ' s get into a specific detail: Categories.

Imagine that there ae buttons on the Emosc player, each button meant for a specific emotion. Below each button is a slot for a CD to fit into. Since you already have your "Empowerment" songs, let ' s make it the name of the first button. If you prefer a different word than "Empowerment" feel free to change it to that (This opplies to oll the buttons, you con either use the nomes I suggest, or come up with your own).

The next button, let ' s call "Sensual." The next button, call it "Playful." The next button, call it "Relaxation." The next button, call it "Irritation." The next button, call it "Frustration." The next button, call it "Sadness." The next button, call it "Sleep" (Meoning, songs thot you would like to "heor'' os you sleep).

That should cover the common emotions and feelings.

Now, decide where you want the speakers to go. Do you want them to be on your shoulders? Maybe put them right behind your eas? Insde your eas? Think about where you want them to go, then imagine that they easily fit there, and even adust in size to comfortably fit.

Now we ' re gong to install your personal Emosc player. And we ' re gong to place it wherever you feel it best should go. You might install it insde the back of your head, or in the center of your chest, or maybe rght in the center of your ban. This is YOUR Emosc player so you can install it wherever you want to. [Yes, you can install it up your butt, if that's your preference)

Now that you have your Emosc player and speakers installed, as well as the first 8 Emosc buttons labeled, we need to test it, to make sure you have everything installed to your satisfaction. But first we need a test song. For smpHstic reasons, let ' s test it usmg a song virtually everyone knows, the Happy Birthday song [You know, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear_, Happy Birthday to yooooooou.")

Pretend a CD of that song has slid right into your Emosc player and mentally clock "play."

Take a few seconds to hear that song playing.

Adust the volume so that it plays very softly, almost faintly. Then slowly brng the volume up higher...and Higher and HIGHER...until it ' s blasting at the loudest volume level you can make it without causmg your ears to bleed (Unless of course bleeding ears is something you enjoy).

Now bring the volume down to about the middle of your volume level. Once you do that, imagine hearing the song only in your left ear... Then switch it, so that you can only hear the song in your rght ear...

Now play it so that you only hear the song behind you, as if it were playing by the back of your head...

Now, imagine the song is playing all though you, so that you can feel it ' s vibrations though your entire body...

A good standad place to keep your "speakers" is someplace aound or insde of your ears. But, as you "play" your Emosc, you ' ll find that particular songs ae most effective when they come from the speakers being placed in different spots. For example, many of my "Empowerment" songs ae most effective when a song sounds likes it ' s coming from all around me. My "Sensual" songs are often most effective when I "hear" them from my solar plexus (That's the area in the center, just below the ribcage).

So experiment with them, and find the places YOU find them to be most effective.

Alright, now to install the songs!

This part is very easy. All you have to do, is imagine each song is on a CD, and imagine each CD sliding into whichever one of the 8 slots that best fits that song. Once the song has gone into the slot, imagine it has instantly downloaded into the Emosc player, so you can remove that CD and install as many different songs as you wish for each category. The great thing about this being YOUR Emosc player, is that there is no limit to the number of songs you can install. So you can add new songs again and again and again, forever!

Let ' s go back to those 3 "Empowerment" songs you selected.

You chose a favorite, a next favorite, and then a third favorite.

Slid a CD of that first song into your Emosc player, and imagine hearing a

"click" as the song is put into place. Do the same for the second song, and then the third.

Now that you have the first thee of your Emosc songs installed, you ' re already started, and ready to think of all the songs you want to install into each of the first 8 categories. Take as long as you wish, and "collect" as many songs as you want to install. remember, there is no limit, so install to your heart ' s content.

Take as long as you need, to install songs into your Emosc player. I suggest only "hearing" each song just long enough to determine that you want it in the specific category you ' ve chosen to place it in.

Once you ' ve placed some songs in each category, continue to the next step.

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