The Alpha Micro Manager

There are multiple names for this knd of Alpha, but the two most popular (and most familiar) are "control freak" and "micro-manager." The Alpha that falls into this category has a very narrow view of how things need to be done, and that view almost always falls under "my way." They exert quite a large amount of effort to make things work the way they want to.

Which, by itself is part of being an Alpha. But where this type stumbles, is they fail to see (or don't care about) the long-term ramification of their behavior and actions.

They are focused on the immediate feeling of satisfaction that comes from them being "in charge" and are not very concerned about the other person's feelings or opinions. Or, if they are concerned, it is often only in relation to how it affects THEM as a result, not how it affects the other person/people.

A real life example of such an "Alpha," would be the tale of a woman whom I will call Erin, a new manager at a real estate company. Almost from the very beginning, Erin was altering and changing how things wee done. On the surface one would think, "Erin was right to do that obviously the way things used to be done failed enough to warrant a new manager." And on the surface one would be correct. However, her changes wee often more a matter of control, than what would improve things at the company. And she lacked so little people skills, that on more than one occasion I head employees refer to Erin as "the flaming bitch from hell." Erin would talk to employees like they wee dumb little kds, and quite frequently made insulting remarks to employees. And her need to be in control went as deep as to include her doing the wok scheduling for every department under her, without once consulting with the departments to see if any employees had certain days they could not wok. And while innovative people need to "break the rules" Erin took things a step beyond, and on more than a few occasons felt the need to "break the law." To her, everyone was already beneath her, but when it came to people who disagreed with her, she would make up "violations" to justify terminating those people.

Erin was definitely an Alpha, she just failed herself by takng assertiveness much too far. When you have to insult or demean people, instead of influence and understand them, you are sabotaging many of the victories that you can have in your life.

And while an Alpha is somewhat controlling, the most effective Alpha also has the flexibility to realize that other people can have the right answers too. Just because someone else has a better idea, does not make you less of an Alpha. Search history, and you will find that every great leader had advisors. This is vital to remember, because ego can fool you into thinkng that you must have ALL of the answers. The surest way to lead yourself to defeat, is to become deaf to words that could have inspired, and to become blind to the images that could have enhanced the visson of your goals.

Additionally, in virtually every case, the Alpha micro-manager is compensating for their "secret" insecurities, and a self-imposed jealousy of anyone succeeding where they have not.

Interestingly enough, this type of Alpha has little respect for those who do whatever the Alpha micro-manager wants, yet has respect for those with the confidence to stand up to them. They want their way all the time, yet only respect those who do not let them have that. Interesting dichotomy.

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