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There was a confused person, who had been walking around for many, many years. This confused person carried a heavy cardboard box, on shoulders that felt tired.

A stranger walked by, and the confused person asked the stranger, "Do you have any change?"

The stranger smiled and said, "That depends on what you want changed."

This confused the already confused person, who was about to respond, when the stranger then asked, "Why are you carrying that cardboard box?"

The confused person thought about this question then thought about the cardboard box...that heavy cardboard box...and did not know the answer to the question.

The stranger asked, "How long have you been carrying that cardboard box?"

The confused person thought about it..then thought about it some more. Then the confused person replied, "I don't know. I have been carrying this cardboard box for as long as I can remember."

The stranger then asked, "What's in the cardboard box?"

The confused person thought about it..then thought about it some more. Then the confused person replied, "I'm not sure. But I know that it's important for me to carry it."

"Why?" Asked the stranger.

The confused person was uncertain why, and simply replied, "It just is."

The stranger rubbed his chin a moment, then said, "You have been carrying this cardboard box for as long as you can remember, and it's important for you to carry it. But you don't know what's in it, though you know that it's important for you to carry it?"

"Well, yeah." The confused person replied.

"What would happen if you opened the cardboard box and looked inside it?"' Asked the stranger.

The confused person thought about this question...then thought about it some more. Then replied, "I don't know."'

"Then go ahead and look inside." Said the stranger.

"But..what if I don't like what's insfde it?"' Asked the confused person. "What if I look insjde it, and find out it's something I'm going to feel stupid for having carried on my shoulders. Carried on my shoulders for as long as I can remember. What then?"

The stranger smiled and replied, "Well, then you will know what you have been carrying all these years, and then you will know if you still want to carry it or not. And then, either way, you'll have some change. "

This story, is you and me. I am that stranger, and you are that confused person.

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME CONFUSED!" That's what you're thinking right now, correct?

Well, the opposite of certainty, is confusion. And if you had certainty, you wouldn't be reading this book. Thatjust makes sense. But just like this stranger in my story, you are looking to me for some change. And also just like this stranger, I am telling you that what you find insde that cardboard box called YOUR LIFE, no matter what, is going to bring you change. You just have to have the courage to look insde.

This book is going to expose you to things you might not have consdeed, and it's going to be different than any "self-help" or "motivation" product available right now. That might sound arrogant of me to say, but it's still true. By the time you finish this book, there will be things that you look at differently, than anything else you have ever read, listen to, or attended.

Again, it all comes down to YOU having the courage to look insde. So if you can do that, then you will find what you need to awaken what has been sleeping within you. You will find your Alpha. You will unleash the Phoenix insde!

The ALPHA Kingdom

In the event that you are not very clear on the terms "Alpha" or "Beta" as it applies to a living creature, I want to define it for you. The term is taken from the Greek ALPHAbet, which has "Alpha" as the first letter, and "Beta" as the second letter. And the term "Alpha" is used in describing a living creature that is the dominant in a group, with "Beta" being the submissive, or "lesser class" of the group. Simply stated, the Alpha leads, the Beta is led.

Look at any group of people gathered together, and one of them is going to be the one who is leading the conversation, directing what the others in the group will do, and where they will all go next. Chances are, the Alpha is the one who decided they would be at whichever location you saw them. The Beta (or "Beti" if there's more than one) will be the one focused on the Alpha, and will be the one behaving submisssvely or quietly. But, unlike the animal kingdom, we humans have Alpha females. Also unlike the animal kngdom, the most effective human Alpha is the one you may not have guessed was an Alpha. We have such a narrow definition, for the most part, of what makes someone an "Alpha" that we neglect to give much focus and attention to the person who may really be "pulling the strings" and makng things flow the way they want them to. In short, I pose to you this posssbility: The Beta can perform Alpha things, and in time BECOME that Alpha already within them, in a smooth process that becomes more and more natural.

Here's a hint of what I mean.

The Beta sometimes gains better things than the Alpha does. This is true in both the human world as well as the animal kngdom. The Alpha, when in a group of one or more additional Alphi, will become competitive, jockeyng to become the dominant. This is not true of all Alphas, but of most. Meanwhile, the Beta, snce he/she is not the dominant, gets to mingle with fellow Beti (after all, we are friends with those who are like us, right?) as well as with the Alpha (after all, thee can be only one Alpha in a group *so they say*, so logic dictates the rest must be Beta). Having this luxury allows the Beta to gain something the Alpha rarely gets: Anonymity. And having a level of anonymity, in many cases, can actually make one more powerful than the Alpha of the group. It can make one more powerful, because it frees them up to maneuver, and plot, and plan, without the Alpha (or other people) watching their every move.

For example, look at smians. (Monkeys, Apes, Gorillas, etc.) The Alpha may have the dominant position among the smians, and gets whatever he wants, but the Beta smian has an interesting power that the Alpha does not. The Beta is the one who is sent out by the Alpha to locate and gather food. While from one perspective it can be said that the Alpha has the most power because he gets to reap the food rewards without ever having to lift a finger to find it. But my perspective is different.

My perspective is that the Beta actually has the most power, because he has the knowledge of where the life sustaining food is, which makes him vital to the Alpha's survival. The Beta's food knowledge also gives him an edge when it comes to sex.

Think about that for a moment!

When the Alpha smian is away, the Beta can bring back somejuicy berries to the Alpha's mate. The Alpha can't do that because he has no idea where to find the berries. So the Beta swings in with some berries fat with juicy goodness for the Alpha mate, and because he can provide something to her that the Alpha can not, she allows him to have sex with her. And the funny thing is, the Alpha never even suspects it. To him, the Beta is beneath him, a subordinate, and would never (in the Alpha's eyes) be able to seduce his mate into sex.

But before I continue on, I need to make something very clear. And that is, we are NOT smians! We are NOT Hons, wolves, or any other animal in the animal kingdom. They have their Alpha, and we have our Alpha. And so, we need to stop lookng at animal behavior as being the blueprint for how an Alpha human is supposed to move though the world.

An Alpha Hon that is new to a pride kills the young male Hons in the pride, so that he is the only one to spread the seed among the females. This strikes me as a pretty insecure thing for an Alpha to do. I say that, because such behavior makes it seem as if the Alpha is in competition with the other males. The Alpha that /.embrace as best does not consder other males his competition. The other males might have ways to impress and seduce a woman successfully, but the Alpha Male that I choose to be, knows he has abilities and capabilities that the females are not used to experiencing. So we are not Hons!

The female gorilla has an interesting way to express her love to a male gorilla. A habit that conveys a completely different impression in the human kngdom. The female gorilla will pick at tiny bugs (called "nits")

from the male's fur. She is literally nitpicking. This conveys to the male that she is in love with him. However, "nitpicking" for humans, is a negative thing. The female is still picking at tiny things, but in the human version these "nitpicks" are at the man's character, behaviors, and actons. So we are not smians either! (Sorry oil you Chorles Dorwin followers)

There are many, many, other examples I could go into, in comparing how different we really are from the animal kingdom. But all that matters, is that you see now that what works as an Alpha for the animals, is not what woks best as an Alpha for us humans.

So what I propose in this book, is that what you thought you needed to be (the Alpha) is a blurred truth. I say to you right here and now, that the inner Alpha you need to unleash, is not the same Alpha that has been praised as the true leaders, the true winners, and the truly happy. That, instead, it is the anonymity of a Beta, working "behind the scenes" that are the true leaders, the ones who are really controlling and changing the worid, and as a result, being the real Alpha.

For every great leader (Alpha) there were advisors (Beta) who made that leader great, through their influence with the leader and their ability to let the leader have the spottght. In all of history, every great leader had at least one advisor whose advice and input was accepted without question. BECOME that "advisor", and you will BECOME the power that fuels that "leader", which results in YOU becoming the actual Alpha. And the more you hone these skills, the more they become a habit. The more they become a habit, the more they become natural. And the more they become natural, the more you will find yourself doing them without having to even think about it.

There are many ways to accomplish that, no matter where you are in your life right now. All it takes, is the faith of a mustard seed, and applying what is in this book!

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