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The level of Alpha you awaken within yourself, will be in direct proportion to the beliefs that you have about yourself and about the world around you.

Read that again out loud...and really let the words sink in. What you believe that you believed, is about to be changed!

This chapter is the mass-spectographic, quantum nuclear, reality bomb that will blow away all that crusty gunk that has been blocking your Alpha from being unleashed.

It is quite long, and it is quite detailed, but it is also quite essential, in my opinion, so that you have the knowledge that will empower the Alpha you will become. After you finishing reading this chapter, you will likely agree.

The transformation will come, be patient. And understand thatjust as you did not get to where you are right now overnight, the benefits from this chapter might not change you with only one reading.

It ' s all up to you to be open to new thinkíng, and allowing yourself to question your current beliefs. Even beliefs that you hold onto strongly. Which will be only as difficult as the level of your willingness to try. Some people can be presented with the most irrefutable poof against their current belief and behavior, yet they will fight it, they will refuse to accept it. And the reason they will do that, is because on some level they are scared to. We all want our beliefs to serve us, to be right, so it can be a difficult thing to admit to yourself that a belief that you ' ve had for many years is not true. However, snce you ' re obviously reading this book, I would assume that you wee willing to be open to new things, new information, and as a result, new beliefs. And if that is true, then perhaps you ' ll do just fine.

Nothing will be more tragic than to invest the time to read this entire book, only to resst and fight the information.

There are even phobias pertaining to this.

Fear of new things or ideas is called Cenophobia, or Centophobia. Fear of newness is called Kainophobia

Fear of anything new is called Neophobia

And fear of hearing good news is called Euphobia.

But it seems to me that if you suffered from these phobias, you wouldn ' t be reading this book in the first place. (Unless it was to ffnd ONE thing to disagree with, and use that as validaHon for why the whole book is wrong or not for you. Trust me, I've actually talked to a guy who was THAT bad.)

Beliefs, depending on the level of power you give to them, are directly connected to how you see yourself. But you already believe that, right?

It can sometimes be scary to let go of a belief, or change a belief, if that belief has power for you.

Notice that I said for you, not to you.

I said it that way because it symbolizes a power you have, not a power you borrow. In other words, the strong feelings you have in regard to that belief are coming from insde of you, they are not coming from some "belief machine" that is shooting the power to you. As such, you have a literally personal connection to that belief, so you might not be very willing to change it or let it go.

For example.

Let us say that Andy fell in love with Betty (OrAngie fell in love with Betty, or Brad fell in love with Andy, if that version better relates to you) Andy and Betty fall in love, and some period of time later one of them ends the relationship. One ends it, the other was not ready to end it. For smpHcity, let ' s make Andy the one who ended the relationship. Betty does not want to believe that Andy no longer wants a relationship with her, so she does things to try and get the relationship going again. None of it works, Andy has moved on with his life, so Betty decides to as well.

The months go by, and Betty dates from time to time, but petty much only goes out with friends or enjoys time by herself. She has taken Andy ' s picture off the wall, and has redecorated her home so that it looks very different than it did when she was with Andy.

By all appearances, it seems as if Betty has chosen to be an independent and free woman, and enjoy herself, instead of being tied down to another relationship. However...

Unknown to even her closest friend, the reason why Betty is not in another relationship, is because the moment she does, she has to accept that her relationship with Andy is really over. And she's not ready to believe that. The belief has power for her, and she does not want that power to go away.

So take a very serious look at your own beliefs, as many of them as you can, and be honest enough to recognize the ones that have power for you.

Because those are the ones that will be challenged the most here.

Okay, I've spent enough time priming you for this chapter. It's time to get to the challenging and the changing!

Humans have been around for a very, very, long time. And from that beginning, to this present, there have been beliefs and opinions that have shaped cultures, civilizations, and societies. Some of them have been embraced as true worldwide, some have become only true based on geographic location, and some are held true by just groups. Some beliefs have remaned true though the centuries, some have evolved, while some have long snce been abandoned and forgotten. And the interesting thing about mod en times is, that while A and B society agrees on certain things being true, these same societies also disagree on some beliefs.

For example: In the Middle East, women are inferior to men and must never speak up or act in any way as to suggest being a man's equal. To do otherwise is punishable by death.

In Japan, while women are also consdeed inferior to men, they are not put to death for speakng their mind. However, a woman in Japan is rarely, if eve, in a position of makng more money than her Husband, and until very recently was not allowed to eat until after her husband had eaten, and is almost always ostracized by her family if she marries a man that is not Japanese.

In America, while women are geneally consdered equal to men, and do not have to wait for their husband to eat first, and many of them make more money than their husbands, and most are not ostracized by their families for the skn color of their spouse, thee are still examples of a woman makng less money than a man in the exact same job. So you see, while these thee cultures all embrace on some level the same belief (that a man is superior to a woman) they conflict on what is and is not acceptable of a woman to do, be, and have.

Which of these cultures is correct? Which of them has the right beliefs? The answer is ALL of them, yet NONE of them.

With each of these cultures, as with every culture, society, and sect, a belief is only as right as the level of its acceptance. For every belief, thee are justifications for them and arguments against them. And while it is worldly believed that a man can not fly like Superman, that belief ends the moment someone actually does it. Much like it was believed for several centuries that a human being could never run a mile in less than 5 minutes. During Greek games, runners even went so far as to have ribs removed, in an effort to lessen body weight and increase speed. But none succeeded, not a one. But then a gentleman in 1954, a British medical student named Roger Bannister, ran the mile in under 4 minutes! Within a year, about 100 other people did the same thing. All it took, was that one truth, that proof, and the old belief was shattered forever.

The same is true regarding the belief that the earth was flat, and that anyone sailing the ocean far enough, would eventually fall off the edge. Then Christopher Columbus made that historic voyage to prove the earth was circular (some say "round" others say "egg shaped" both of which falls under the title of "circular))

History is saturated with beliefs of yesterday, which today are viewed as ridiculous, laughable, and may seem hard to accept as ever having been believed at all.

For example, the Serbs believed that if someone had red hair it was an indication that the person was a vampire. And while I have experienced red haired women who had remarkable suckng ability, I would not go so far as to call any of them a vampire.

And the 1692 witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, were borne in part from the imaginations and clams of some young girls. And the adults themselves had a pretty unusual imagination as well, when it came to determining who was a witch or not. One woman was believed a witch because the gentleman she scolded, for allowing his pig to root in her garden, died. (Today we call that a "heart attack.") And another woman was believed a witch because "witnesses" clamed seeing her captivating a man (known today as "stimulating conversation.") This "captivation" was seen by the people of Salem as being a spell cast upon the unsuspecting man. God only knows what they would have done to Master Illussonst, David Copperfield, if he had vanished the House of the Seven Gables back in that time period.

Mathematics is now viewed as a science, and is used by petty much every human being on the planet. But not too far into the past, Mathematics was consdeed something only sorcerers and the occult used. It was a strange "magic" back then, and was part of a "religion" in Greek society. Some Mathematicians believed that everything involved only positive numbers (2,4,6,8, etc). But then some "rebel" group came along and used this wacky thing called "subtraction" to create negative numbers (1,3,5,7, etc), which they felt was the true way of things. Bad names wee exchanged between the two groups, then a food fight I would guess, and of course war. Then after some people no doubt got their feelings hurt or something, someone came along and showed that both the positive and the negative numbers could actually be used together, and it became something called "algebra." (Which I used to feel wos creoted for the sole purpose of mokng my 8th grode yeor o pure hell)

So, just as strongly held beliefs of yesterday have snce been abandoned or proven false, so too is it true that you may be holding onto beliefs that are in fact either not true, or are far different than you believe. But Paleolithic man was no more right or wrong in their beliefs than you are in yours. That may sound like a contradiction to my previous statement, but it is not.

You hoving a belief is not wrong or incorrect. But what the belief is in may be flawed or false. It is not the subject that is wrong, it is what is accepted or rejected obout the subject that is wrong. I'll elaborate.

The most high profile example to explain my point, is the subject of cults. Within a cult, there are people who have beliefs of what is true or not true, what is real or not real, what is ass^ting their lives and what is hindering it. And, without exception, these beliefs within the cult have many conflicts with beliefs outsde of that cult. A cult may have a belief that keeping money of any amount is evil, while people outsde of that cult may have a belief that money is the key to true happiness, and people within a separate cult may have a belief that money is not evil but is smply not required at all in their life. All thee sdes are hoving a belief regarding money. But the belief in money is what they conflict on. One believes money means damnation, one believes money is savor, and the third believes money serves neither good nor evil purpose. They share a belief that money exists, but they differ on what money means in their life. The same is true about sex. Some people believe all sex is evil, some believe sex is the key to true happiness, some believe sex is important but not vital in their life, and some believe that sex is something they have no need for. They are all correct, yet depending on your personal belief they might all be false as well.

Having a belief is like having an opinion, it can not be wrong because it is your personal acceptance or rejection of something. To say your belief is wrong would be as ridiculous as saying you ' re lying about your favorite color. Each of us likes or dislikes things based on our own personal set of reasons.

Which explains why many of us have phobias, while many of us do not. Someone who has, let ' s say, Ornithophobia, the fear of birds, may be just like you in every other way aside from this phobia. So from your perspective a fear of birds may seem ridiculous, but to them it is very real, and a very serious matter.

1 must state though that every phobia, regardless of how mild or major it may be to the person with it, can be "cued."

(I put that in parenthesis, because I use the word to mean it no longer becomes a problem, instead of implying it is forever eliminated. You see, phobias are not the same as learned behaviors. You falling off a table at

2 years old, hitting the green carpet, and growing up with an aversion to the color green, is not a phobia, it's a learned behavior. Phobias on the other hand, are almost always without an event in life that created it. Some would say that I am wrong, but, again, that is their belief to have)

But I digress..

Allow me to share this memory with you, as it will serve you later, in understanding beliefs, and how to better select which ones you want to hold onto.

A couple of years ago I did a consultation with a dude whom I'll call Vince. He had tried every book, tape, and seminar on seduction and getting women into bed, which included my very first book "Bishop's Journal" (You can likely find an illegal copy for sale on an auct'ion web site, but save your money, as it's now as obsolete to my book "The Fire of Seduction" as Pong is obsolete to Sony Playstation 3) Vince was unable to try even the smplest of exercises with the kind of women he really wanted. So he hired me for a one-on-one consultation, claming that the materiel "just doesn't seem to work." During the pre-consult phone conversation (which I do to better understand what the person needs help with, so that by the t'ime we are face-to-face, we can use our t'ime solely on improving, instead of a bunch of Q&A.) he revealed to me that he suffered from Venustraphobia; the fear of beautiful women. It was not a mild case either. He became a shakng, sweaty mess just talking about beautiful women. I genuinely thought for a moment that he was going to have a heart attack. If an outsder had wandered by, they might have thought the gentleman was either coming down from some wicked drugs or had hitmen on his trail. It was quite obvious that before I did anything else, I must first attend to this Vince's phobia and give it full seriousness and respect.

Since he became so emotionally and physscally responsve by smply talkng about beautiful women, I knew he was makng visual images of a beautiful woman in his mind as he spoke. He confirmed this was true. This seemed like the second best place to begin helping him overcome this phobia. The frst best place, was to find out what he consídered "a beautiful woman" and what about that caused him to react in the way he does and what happens, step-by-step insde his body and mind. Lots of ¡dot shrinks would have started by going into his past to find out what trauma caused him to fear beautiful women. Who give a shit WHEN it happened? I prefer to deal with HOW it happens, and WHAT process ensues to lead him to being a shaky, sweaty, mess. Besdes, as I stated before, virtually all phobias have no "starting event." So I had him do these steps, and within 20 minutes, his serious case of Venustraphobia was so diminished, that all that remaned of it was a hesitation in approaching beautiful women. But, of course, he eventually got past that as well.

And while most shrinks would think I had no right to take on something best left to a "pofesssonal" my response to them is this: If they are so professional, and know how to best handle such a case, why couldn't they do in 10 yeas what I did in 20 minutes?

But that in no way means that I'll be teaching YOU how to do it too. Perhaps in an Advanced course, but not in here. This chapter is on what makes a belief, and how you will want to change some of your beliefs to get what you truly want in this life.

Did you know that among the current known phobias of the world, there are FOUR that have to do with a fear of cats? Ailurophobia, Elurophobia, Felinophobia, and Galeophobia/Gatophobia.

(Not vital to know for this chapter, I just felt like sharing the informaHon.)

Beliefs ae built usmg the knowledge and awaeness about the belief we have at the time. Interestingly enough, some of the most powerful beliefs that we have also come from a lack of knowledge and awareness.

I shall elaborate.

Let us pretend that once upon a time, in the secret mountains of some secret island, women gave birth to children. And on this island, the belief was that any child who was ban on a sacred day was chosen by God to grow and become a wise teacher and leader. And that a sacred day was any day that had rainfall, as this was a nurturing element that helped fruit bearing plants to grow and provided drinkable water for the inhabitants.

Also on this island, it was believed that any child born on a sacrilege day, was destined to die anyway, so it was to be placed in a tiny boat and cast out to sea, never to be caed for. And that a sacrilege day was any day when the ground shook, as this was a destructive force that caused homes and frees to topple, sometimes injuring or killing some of the inhabitants.

And in one month a child had been born on a sacred day, while one child was ban on a saciilege day.

The child borin on the sacred day was taught everything therie was to know about the island and was encouraged to try new things and ponderi new ideas, so that the child would griow up to become a great teacheri and leaderi.

Meanwhile, the child borin on the sacrilege day, was placed in a tiny boat and cast out to sea.

Thirty year's lateri, the child born on the sacried day is of courise fully grown and Ruleri of the secriet island, and has the trust and respect of everyone on the island. That same thirty yearis lateri, plus five days, the child borin on the sacirilege also now a fully gown adult, rieturins to the island by way of a mysterious boat called a "griand luxury yacht."

The now gown adult speaks of having been rescued by a boat made of a strange materiel known as "metal" and of being taught many things by people called "teacher's" in huts called "school" and of becoming something called a "doctori." The now grown adult of the sacried day is puzzled, as are the inhabitants of the secret island. How could this perison who was borin on a sacrilege day have been still living? According to island law, the child was cast out and was destined to die long ago. Yet herie the child stood, now a fully gown adult.

The now gown adult of the sacred day had only the knowledge and awarieness known in which to make sense of this. So it was deteimined by the now gown adult of the sacred day, that this now grown adult of the sacirilege day was obviously a demon.

The child was born on a sacrilege day afteri all, so it just made sense. So, the island was instriucted to kill the "demon."

Based on what was known as "reality" to the inhabitants of the island, and because the orideri came from theiri riuleri, someone born on a sacried day, they all did as they were instructed without question. Well, almost all of them.

Therie was a young child, no olderi than 7 yeas of age, who had also been borin on a sacred day. This young boy said, "Since I was borin on a sacried day, and I have been encouraged to try new things and to ponderi new ideas, I have something to say." The inhabitants listened. The young boy said, "This adult born on a saciilege day did not die. And he brings to us knowledge from somewhere beyond ouri island. If we kill him, then we will neveri know how valuable his knowledge is. And snce I have always been encouraged to try new things and to ponderi new ideas, then I use that encouragement to learin what this adult might be able to teach us. Because as has been ouri way fori my lifetime, we learin what we did not know by listening to those who have the knowledge." The inhabitants could not arigue that this was true, so the adult born on the saciilege day was spared.

The adult born on a saciilege day, taught them about "medicine" and how items found on the island could be used to help with sckness and improve vital energy.

The inhabitants soon realized that this adult ban on a sacrilege day, was actually an amazing help to their lives. So a new understanding was born. A new understanding that maybe what they thought was a sacrilege day, due to the ground shakng and caussng damage, was actually God telling them that this child born on this day would "shake up" what they used to do, and bring a new and better understanding to their secret island.

Never again was a child born on a "sacrilege" day cast out to sea.

And now / am about to shatter a long held belief. In fact, by the time you finish reading this chapter, there may be several long held beliefs you find shattering.

But first, lets "set the stage" so the process is better understood. After all, I can ' t expect you to agree with what I write unless I write it in a way that makes sense. Right?

To start, it is important that you realize what causes a belief to occur in the first place. There are many views and opinions on what a belief is and what creates belief.

Some would say that a belief occurs when you no longer question it. I disagree. Concepts can exist that you do not question, but belief exists on levels. Meaning, you have some beliefs that you feel strongly about, and it might take quite an effort for your belief in it to change, while you also have beliefs that are very sensitive and vulnerable and can change very, very easily. There are many things that we have belief in, even though we question it. The vast majority of us believe that love exsts, though many, many, times we question if we ourselves will ever truly find it. Which is actually true of many, many things. We believe it is real, though we question if we can ever attain it. Millionaires for example.

You believe that millionaires exst, though you may question and doubt your own life being one in which you are a millionaire. I was challenged on this by some people, the argument being that the belief itself was in the subject (love, millionaires, etc.) not in our own ability to experience the subject. Well, actually, that in itself is a belief within a belief. And my reply to the argument made, is this: The concept (love, millionaires, etc.) is accepted, but that does not automatically make it a belief. Your parents may have spoken to you about love as a child, and you accepted the concept of there being this thing called love. But actual and true belief in it did not exst yet, it was smply something you accepted because that ' s what your parents told you (I realize that I'm delving into parental upbringing, which includes what we do and do not believe from our parents, butjust to illustrate my point go ahead and pretend this is an example of the hypothetical child believing his/her parents) So once the concept of this thing called love is accepted, let us then say that the child experiences a big hug and a kss from Auntie Helga, and that the child ' s parents inform the child that this is a demonstration of love. It was at that time when belief began to form.

There is more going on than smply that, I assure you, but this is not where I explain the finer details of belief, only the difference between concept vs. belief.

It has also been said that a belief is grounded in poof. I disagree with this as well. If poof wee required for a belief to occur Christians would not believe in God nor that Jesus Christ died for their sns, for example. They wee not present at the Crucifixion, they have not seen God in the flesh, nor has any church come forth stating God spoke aloud to the congregation (Many Christians clam that God speaks to them, but that is always a conversation that takes place inside their mind. Not that I am trying to debunk it, I am just stating where the conversation is said to be taking place) So it is not poof that fuels the Christian belief, therefore belief can not only exxst in the pesence of poof.

It has also been said that a belief is a strong opinion. Well, not quite. While it is true that how you view something influences the opinion you have about it, that does not explain why you view it in a way that causes the opinion to be strong enough to create a belief.

So what does cause an opinion to be strong enough to create a belief?

The answer is an amalgamation of emotion, view, trust, and expectation. Understand that this only applies to what makes an opinion strong enough to create a belief, but is not what a belief is in totality.

I'll touch on this area later. For now, let me finish defining what a belief is.

In broad terms, a belief is influenced by parental and social learning. But the very heart and soul of a belief, what truly makes a belief, are thee things: persuason, information and interpretation.

Persuason, as in someone or something influences you to consder the belief.

Information, as in the knowledge and "facts" that go into the belief. Interpretation, as in your understanding of the basc concept of the belief.

And before you ague that I have not included logic into the equation, understand that interpretation is logic.

But also understand that what one person finds "logic" in, may not be logical at all to you, though you may both share the same belief. There is no single line of logic, it is all subjective.

An excellent example of this, is the move "The Sixth Sense." IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE, I AM ABOUT TO REVEAL THE ENDING (If you do not wish to learn the ending, skp to the next paragraph) In the move, we are INFLUENCED to believe that Malcolm Crowe, played by Bruce Willis, is having a strained marriage, based on the information (dialogue, scenes) given to us during the move. Therefore, we INTERPRET this to be true, thus we have a BELIEF that this is indeed what is going on. However, as we discover at the end of the move, Malcolm actually died 7 minutes into the move, and goes through the rest of the move as a ghost, a spirit that does not know he is dead. Which means his wife can not see him, nor hear him talkng, and that causes the events to appear to be a case of a strained marriage. And when you view the move a second time, you see new logic, based on a new BELIEF. So, which interpretation was the more logical? The answer is BOTH, snce both were logical based on the influence and interpretation, and more importantly the information, you had at each viewing. Granted, after the first viewing of the move you have the luxury of already knowing the ultimate secret of the film. But it still stands as a perfect example of how what we know and think is true, alters the "reality" we experience.

And to better know the "reality" we experience, we must go back to the beginning.

The very beginning.

No one was born into this world having beliefs. The reason being, to have a belief you must have something in which to compare it against. It is absolutely and completely imposssble to have a belief unless you have additional beliefs that support it. Additionally, there must be an experience that goes with it. And at the time of this writing, there has been no verified poof that we are cognizant of any experiences in which to forms beliefs from while still in the womb.

This of course changes the moment such proof is presented and accepted. (Which will be the experience that causes the new belief as a result.)

And while it could be argued about what we truly know and comprehend while in the womb, what can not be argued is that we have no concept of right, wrong, true, or false while in the womb and for an unspecified time after we are ban. And so we have no meaning in which to attach to things. And without meaning, there can be no formation of a belief.

However, that does not mean that what happens while we are in the womb does not affect us in our life. Quite the opposite, actually.

Every sound, every emotion felt by Mom, everything, lay dormant insde of your ban. Ml of it.

And as certain things occur, those dormant things become active. For example, as a teeny baby you might hear some song that Mom has playing in the kitchen. And it makes you grn a big toothless gin. As it tuns out, this is one of your mom's favorite songs, and she used to play it a lot and sng along to it during the pregnancy. And because emotions felt by mom are also felt by you in the womb, this song causes whatever those emotions wee, to occur again now. So the belief is formed that you like that song.

Get it?

So the belief is formed that you like that song. But let's change that belief.

Let us go back to that same moment of you hearing the song playing in the kitchen. Only this time, you hear mom yelling as the song is playing. Even though there were good feelings about that song before, this new element causes things to change in your mind. Now, instead of smply smiling that big toothless gin, you try to make sense of what is happening. Mom used to sng along to this song, but this time she's yelling at the song. Yelling causes what you will later lean is called fear, so maybe that's not a good song anymore.

Unknown to you, Mom was not yelling at the song, she was yelling at some dogs outsde who were crapping in her beautiful flowerbed. But snce you had no idea yet what mom's words meant, you have smply attached the emotion of her words, to the song that was playing. Same song, diffeent experience, new belief.

And for the first handful of yeas in your life, this is how you began to form beliefs about things. Well, almost.

Since these first precious years ae spent primarily with your parents (or grandparents if your folks dumped you off there on most weekends) they become your man source for what is good, bad, rght, wrong, acceptable, or unacceptable. You do something, see something, hear something, smell something, touch something, and these fine folks react in a way that places a meaning to that action, that sght, that sound, that smell, or that touch. And as a result, it influences how you learn what is the correct way to behave, and how you will perceive it next time. If baby Sally touches a rose, and Mommy slaps her hand as a result, Sally will then form a belief about what touching roses means. If baby Sammy touches a rose, and Mommy smiles and says words that sound pleasng, Sammy will then also form a belief about what touching roses means.

Unknown to baby Sally, was that Mommy was afraid her delicate skn would be scratched on a thorn that was near her hand.

Unknown to baby Sammy, was that Mommy had already removed all the thorns from the rose.

Makng sense?

It ' s nothing new to hear that the meaning we attach to something is why we have the belief about it that we do. But what might be new to you, is just how specifically you need to focus on the meaning you attach to things that you normally don ' t give any though to. Things that you have beliefs about, but likely never even consciously think about. For example, you already know what it will feel like before you lay your arm across your pillow. You already know what it will feel like before that ice cold beverage first touches your Hps. You already know what it will feel like before your feet are insde of your shoes.

Yet, while you don ' t think about it, you have beliefs about all of these things.

If the pillow were suddenly filled with jagged glass, you would feel differently about laying your am across it, due to your belief changing as to how that would feel.

The same applies if that ice cold beverage suddenly changed to molten lava, you would feel differently about it touching your Hps. But on a less extreme example, if your shoelaces broke, your belief about how your feet would feel insde of them would change as well.

The point that I am trying to make to you, and the message that I hope is getting though to you, is that to unleash the Alpha within you requires you to be very aware of what you are allowing your beliefs to be on oll levels. Far too often we work to improve, change, or enhance something, without paying attention to all the reasons it was that way in the first place.

You might want to lose weight, so you do what you have been lead to believe is the way to get that result. Eat differently, exercise, get a weekly colon cleansng, and so on. But none of those things will give you lasting satisfaction if you have not looked very closely at all the things that resulted in you being at a weight you now wish to lose. Self-esteem, being "big boned" (which is a bulls**t cop-out in my opinion), a thyroid problem (No, it ' s a "can ' t-go-an-hour-without-eating-something" problem in my opinion), not having time to wok out/eat better, blah, blah, blah. That ' s all the surfoce reasons, but not all the reol reasons. Reasons like, the ongoing subconscious retention of a 26 year old who still recalls Mom saying to them at 6 years old, "You ' re a pig!" and accepting that as a true statement of your identity (Otherwise known as a BELIEF!) Reasons like; the pleasng feelings when eating a cupcake, pleasng feelings that elude you in other things (Taste causes emotion, which is one of the reasons why you salivate when thinkng of some foods, and cringe when thinkng of other foods)

Cigarettes. No one begins smokng because of the taste (no one that I know of so far anyway) yet millions of people try to use the excuse, "they make my clothes stink" as an excuse to quit.

Sue, that's a benefit of becoming a non-smoker, but it has nothing to do with why you began, and why you continue to smoke cigarettes. I knew a hypnotist who's method of getting people to quit was to make the cigarette taste extremely foul every time a client would light one up in the future. Uh...speakng as someone who was a smoker, changing crappy to crappier is hardly an effective and long lasting method.

The only, Only, ONLY lasting way to change your weight, your health, and whatever else you want to change, is to first change the beliefs you have about these things that led to them being where they are right now!

"So how do you do that?"

I'm glad that you asked!

Start by thinkng of something that you ' ve been struggling with for a while. (A while being more than a month)

Losng weight, quitting smokng, getting a better paying job, whatever the first thing that comes to mind and makes you go, "Yep, been having a tough time getting THAT one accomplished."

Did you think of something? (If you have several"somethings" then just pick the one that you're having the most diffculty with)

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Attracting Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction

Attracting Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction

Wealthy people have this so called millionaires personal mindset, a way of thinking that separates the achievers and successful individuals from the rest of the population. Your subconscious is much powerful than the conscious mind. This can either help you fulfill your dreams or hold you from success that you want in your life.

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