The Selective Reality Exercise

1) Think of something you don ' t believe can posssbly be done. (Humans flying, a cat becoming Presdent, etc.)

For example purposes, I'll pick "A dog teaches a college class."'

2) Now that you have a "reality" that you don ' t think is posssble. List all the reasons YOU believe that it is not posssble. Take at least 10 minutes. (Use your journal or a notepad)

Example:"Dogs can't speak a human language, and we don't speak a dog's language. Dogs lack the ability to read. Dogs can learn ticks, but they can't teach."

3) Now that you have a list, take the first thing on your list and ask yourself the question, "What specifically could be a way to make this not true?"

Now write out an answer to this, ussng current logical posssbility. In other words, if you chose "humans can ' t fly" and the first reason on your list was "We don ' t have wings" it would be illogical to current posssbility to say in your answer that a laser beam could come from outer space and make humans fly, but it would be logical to current posssbility to say that something could happen to the polarity of gravity. (You can write as many possible answers as you can think of)

Example:"Someone finds a way to understand dog language, and in doing so, teaches a dog how to translate their words into a human language." "Someone finds a way to understand dog language, and teaches a class on speaking it." "Scientists discover the part of a dog's ban that controls language, and learn how to manipulate it to teach a dog human words.

4) Take the second thing on your list, and ask yourself the question, "In what ways was this true in other areas, but today it ' s not true?"

Example: "Thee was a tme when a gorilla couldn't read, but one was taught sign language and demonstrated the ability to read words on a chalk board. "

5) Take the first and second thing on your list, along with the answers you gave in steps 3 & 4, and outline a way to make the imposssble "reality" you wrote down, posssble. Take as long as you need to complete it.

Example: "Someone finds o woy to understond dog longuoge, uses it to tronslote o book of common humon phroses, teoches the dog whot the words look like in writing, teoches the dog whot the humon longuoge tronsloton is, then the person storts o college closs where the students ore given o copy of the "dog to humon" book, ond the dog teoches the students how to properly pronounce the words. Thus, o dog hos now tought o college closs."

Hopefully you had fun with this exercise. The point of it, was to show you that given certain things, even something "mposssble" can become a "reality."

So my question to you now is this: What knds of things do you want in your life, but don't have, yet other people have it in their lives? Since other people have that knd of life, it ' s obviously not imposssble, and it ' s obviously a "reality" that exsts. So take this time to re-do the "Selective Reality" exercise, usmg all the things you know other people are enjoying, but are so far outsde your current "reality." Trust yourself, this is going to be fun!

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