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Okay, now come up with a few of your own, then come back.

If you have not already done so, I want you to write out all of the affirmations you chose to use.

Once you ' ve done that, you need to chose at least 2 songs from your

"Sleep" category to also use.

And once THAT is done, we can begin to install them.

1) First step, is to "play" one of the "Sleep" songs right now.

2) As you are hearing that song, I want you to say OUT LOUD each of the affirmations. Take it slow, this isn' t a race, say each affirmation slowly, and with confidence in the words you are saying.

3) As you are saying each affirmation, imagine that the words, in YOUR voice, are being added to the song you hear playing. Continue this until you have spoken OUT LOUD every sngle one of the affirmations.

4) Now go ahead and play the second song, and once again read OUT

LOUD the affiimations you chose, and once again imagine it is being added to the song you arie playing right now.

5) Once both songs have all the affirmations in them, I want you to prietend that you placed one of those songs at the beginning of youri "AlphaSleep" play list, and instriuct youri Emosc playeri to place the second song furtheri down in the play list, in a location that will only play it when you are actually asleep. (The reason for this, is because you want your affirmations playing both as you start to sleep, and more importantly, while you are sleeping, so your subconscious mind has something to work on while you're dreaming.)

As is the case with the songs in youri Emosc player, you can add new affirmations as often and on as many of the categories as you wish. (Meaning, in youri "Frustration" category, you could add "More and more each day I am finding ways to use my anger in a constructive way" to one of the songs.)

Play ariound with youri Emosc playeri, add things to it, and let it become a poweriful tool fori you, as you not only unleash youri Alpha, but also as you walk though the worild AS the Alpha you unleash.

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The Marketers Success Affirmation

The Marketers Success Affirmation

Learning How To Be An Internet Idol And Using Affirmations Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success! Utilizing affirmations and some tools is a way to restrict criticism of yourself and other people. Affirmations help you in training your brain to be more about final results and to a lesser extent about quibbling. How we talk to ourselves really does regulate the type of energy we vibrate and what that draws into our life experiences.

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