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Men and women are bound to see things differently. Sure, you both might be Republicans or Democrats, but why bring up politics at all until you're sure you like each other for your own personal qualities?

Heated political topics such as abortion and affirmative action or impending war should be avoided at all costs! You never know when the person sitting across from you might have had a very intimate experience with the topic at hand and will find your seemingly harmless comments highly offensive.

Religion isn't a first date topic, either. Although it's okay if you both meet at a Jewish singles event - because you know upfront that it's a trait the two of you have in common. Religion has been the cause of most wars, and you don't want the two of you battling before the first date is over!

When you pick her up, or meet her for your first date, try to show up with something out of the ordinary. Don't bring flowers. They've been done to death. And guys - single roses may look cute on TV, but many women will be offended that you didn't splurge on the bouquet, so skip the tulips!

Instead, pick up a cute, small stuffed animal or unique knick-knack made out of chocolate. Single women love to snuggle up with the same stuffed animals we've had since childhood, so when you give us one on a date, chances are, we'll hold him every night dreaming about you - until it's you in our bed, not the toy.

Chocolate is always a safe bet because most women love chocolate. They make everything into candy these days, and you can usually find something simple and elegant at a Hallmark gift shop or other gift card store.

When you first arrive, immediately turn on your chivalrous charm (holding the door open, opening car doors, offering your hand if she needs to rise out of the car).

Compliment how beautiful she looks the moment you see her.

In fact, act amazed that she's so beautiful. Tell her she puts all of the other women to shame. She may act embarrassed, but she's going to eat it up. We love being prettier than the other girls in the room.

One good conversation starter is to simply ask her how her day's been so far. It seems so simple, yet most people rack their brains trying to think of things to talk about when women spend their days on the phone chit chatting about the little things.

Try not to complain too much on the first date - about life in general or anything happening that night while you're on your date. Men and women alike are seeking someone positive to attract, and negative attitudes are a real turnoff!

If things seem stiff, try opening her up by laughing about yourself or something funny and stupid you've done lately. Your vulnerability is a plus with us on a first date.

Watch your topic roster carefully. If something is brought up that makes you - or her -uncomfortable, just laugh it off and change the conversation.

Since women are such big flirts, you have to maneuver through our regular flirting to get to the meat of the sexual innuendos. I hate to admit it, but a lot of women flirt in a very sexual manner just to see if they can get you hot.

The way to tell if a woman is serious about taking the flirting one step further is to wait and see if she gets physical. Physical signals are very different from distant ones. When we're serious about getting you into our world, we know that touching you gets your mind spinning.

If a woman wants you in a sexual way, she'll be very touchy with you. We'll walk by and brush up against you. We'll place our hands on your arms or chest as we're talking to you - usually in a playful, laughing manner.

Some women will even blatantly have you touch them by placing your hand on her - thighs, breast, butt - you name it! Of course, this usually happens when we get serious about sex and maybe have had a drink or two to calm the nerves.

If a woman makes it a point to draw attention to her mouth or chest, then she's signaling that she's interested in you. This does not mean that every woman who has cleavage showing wants you to come on to her.

You can probably tell the difference between classy cleavage and sexual cleavage. If you can't - ask yourself, "Would she wear that to work?" If the answer is no, then she's probably out to attract a man with her breasts.

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