Tiffanys Tip

Tiffany's Tip:

Guys, do not stare at her breasts - no matter how bad you want to.

Staring at a woman's breasts will sometimes make you look like a pervert. Also, it drives us wild when we're trying to get a guy to be sexually attracted to us and he acts like he doesn't care - it makes us try harder, and that can only mean good things for you.

And yes, we see you peeking every 5 seconds, so it's best to keep your eyes above the neckline until it's time to take it lower. This is especially true if it's true love you're after and you're interested in a woman who wants you to like her for more than her body.

Women are very peculiar about their breasts. We use them when we want to, but we sometimes get angry when you react to them and we weren't trying to use them. To play it safe, compliment the woman on her entire appearance, and never, ever, blurt out what a nice rack she has - it might get you slapped, and it will definitely show the woman you have no class.

Another touch tactic we like to use are backrubs. They can range from harmless and friendly to sexually aggressive. You can rest assured that if you don't know a woman well and she begins rubbing your back (or thigh), she's signaling you to take it one step further.

Back rubs can be very dangerous if you aren't interested in the woman, so know when to use it to your advantage and when not to. If you don't like a woman sexually, then leave your hands in your pocket!

Most often, women will wait for men to make the first move. That sucks for you, because if you don't try anything, nothing happens. And if you try something and she's not willing, you risk embarrassment.

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