Attention Whores BGMan wrote:

People who read and actually believe what Crowes wrote WILL be strung around and used by ATTENTION WH0RES unless you wake up!

Yes, it does appear there are 'attention *****s' who do all they can to get male attention. But I prefer to think of them as loving the sport rather than the fruits of the sport. They enjoy fishing but not the caught fish!

Women do become more attached to guys who take their virginity and often return to them. But what crowes says is quite correct.

Guys, please read the following until it gets ingrained in your head:

Pook hops up to the platform and shouts: Quote:

Women do not know the difference between sex and respect. Women treat sex like money because women see it as a medium of exchange.

You could even cynically say that we men treat respect and money like sex since we expect it to get pregnant and reproduce. But nevertheless...

But what is the point? It is this: if we are going to talk about a woman's integrity then we are going to be here forever.

As much as I can see, the only reason why the lady has what we think of as 'integrity' is for her to keep her man, to honor her parents (the father especially) or because of the male virtues ingrained through religion. Remember, women do not have the appreciation for the higher codes of honor and transcendence as we men do (they only appreciate it in MALES, never in themselves).

BGMan, you decry the attention *****. But feminity is exactly that.

What is it that women most fear? It is to be the old maid. It is to never know the fleeting emotion known as 'love'. It is to never have known a lover.

Pook holds up a Tablet.

On THIS tablet we see the Male Virtues. We see things like Philosophy, Honor, and so forth. We see things like chasity in women, girls staying true to a single guy, and so on.

Pook now holds up another Tablet.

These are the Female Virtues. In Womaniverse, women perform a natural aristocracy based solely on who gets the most attention from men.

Pook points to the top.

The highest point is marriage. The married chick is always on a higher plane than any non-marriage chick in this aristocracy. She has a man bounded by her. Thus, she is womanly, she is feminine.

While men dream of a day when having respect from all people in the world, women dream of their marriage day. Why? Because it is their transcendance.

Pook points lower on the Tablet.

We move down further and we see a pattern. The woman engaged comes next. Than, a woman who has a boyfriend. After that, a woman who is pretty and has potential for getting a male.

Pook points to the bottom of the Tablet.

The woman that can get no male, why, she is looked down upon as other woman and seen as a sub-human being. In a woman's eye, it is better to be a ***** than an old maid.

Pook holds up the Female Tablet.

What are we to learn of Womanly Virtues? Nothing. They are decadent. Men can rank themselves on who can best conquer the world while women will rank themselves on who does and can best conquer men.

Male attention! These are the points to their feminine score! They are all, all attention *****s on some level!

You may think that there are only some women who seek male attention, the attention wh0res, while the rest are good. This is a Nice Guy illusion (just as some women want sex while others are 'good' where, in fact, they all want it ESPECIALLY the 'Nice Girls'). ALL women crave male attention. Period!

Of course a woman like that may possibly leave you for another guy. The point is that these attention 'wh0res' are following the Female Tablet's virtues. They will realize that if they want a decent man, they must start following the Male Tablet.

Pook throws the Female Tablet down in an explosion of fire.

Rather than trying to figure out woman (how can you figure out 'nothing'? As King Lear would say: "Nothing comes from nothing!"), let us take up this...

Pook holds up the Male Tablet.

And let us be Men once again.

Habit Is All

The reason for my success is habit. A Don Juan is a sum of correct habits.

This pales to other ideas. Some think message boards contain magic which will instantly turn one into a Don Juan. Others think special spirits will jump out of the DJ Bible and blossom you to a Don Juan. But this is poppycock!

"'Poppycock!?' Pook says?" Yes, poppycock. Even if you had every mental formula and idea ingrained in your head, you still won't be successful with women or anything.

Look at you! A plop of flesh sitting in a chair! How do you get from there to with the chicks?

"I will take a deep breath, go out with all confidence, and get the chick!"

This is blitzkrieg. It might work but you're still a loose cannon. Confidence is comfortableness. Don't try to force yourself to something that seems entirely alien to you. You'll never be comfortable with it.

Alter your habits and so you alter your life. Make it a HABIT to talk to girls. Make it a HABIT to be social. Make it a HABIT to look for dates. Make it a HABIT to date! Make it a HABIT to Don Juan!

"But Pook! These will require an initial icebreaker." Yes. But that should not be where you place the 'challenge' at. Focus on being consistant. Sure, you can create a huge mental drama about approaching that hot chick. But you should focus on being consistant in approaching hot chicks in general. This one chick is nothing in your string of routine.

Think of it like that.

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