Feelingese The Language of Women

Womanese is feeling and feeling is Womanese. It goes beyond language. In our universe, cleaning our apartment is seen as a chore done primarily for sanitation reasons and to get stuff out of our way. But in Womaniverse, women enjoy the 'feelings' they get from a clean room (or rather they hate the 'feelings' they get from an unclean room). To us, a painting is just there as a 'decoration'. But in Womaniverse, colors, paintings, and designs all emit waves of good feelings which women soak up like cats do sunlight.

Womenese is also ensemble. Yes, Womanese OVERLAPS.

Examine this example:

To the pleasure of two ladies, they found themselves in the presence of a Pook, and thus, were attracted.

"Come ladies! Let us go about for a merry walk!" *giggle giggle* "Oh Pook! Lead on!"

As the three of us walked, the ladies were in such a tropical state that they babbled and bubbled endlessly.

Eventually, the Pook began to speak.

"Tomorrow, ladies, we need to go to the Pook-Place to pick up the..." And a lady-friend cuts Pook right off with: "Oh, look at the pretty weather out today!"

Pook, being a normal guy, STOPS talking. The women look at him as if something is wrong.

Pook is thinking: How RUDE that chick was! The stupid chick must have a short attention span!

Whereas Pook's lady-friends are thinking, What is wrong with Pook!? Why did he stop talking? So typical of guys! They all have a short communication span!

Since Womanese is transmitting feelings rather then thoughts, they can be absorbed faster and easier than regular language. This means that Womanese OVERLAPS. You could be saying something and a woman will express a fast feeling. She expects you to keep talking. In mixed genders, however, the conversation tends toward more male. Sometimes, like the above example shows, the women forget and go total womanese.

When women speak, the feelings often overlap. Before they are finished with one feeling, another offers another. They lap up each others feelings. This is the

'girliness' that disgusts guys.

But I'm a brave Pook, and I attempted to participate in the all girl Womanese fest.

I had to know my womanese both language wise and ensemble wise. I kept trying to FEEL everything she was emitting (it is another universe!). A guy overheard me, pointed to me, and went: "GAY! Pook is GAY! I KNEW IT!" haha. Try it out and see if you have similar results.

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