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Materialist- If a man spends his life in a soul destroying job, he is held up as a model for society.

Nice Guy- A man discovers 'great love' and throws himself at the girl, putting her on the pedestal, he kneeling, as she becomes his new goddess.

Shining Star- Wants to enchant the gossipers, be it newspapers, television or radio shows, and whatever else. They want loud titles to hide that they are not truely men, no matter their scripted appearances.

Citizen Dildo- A life full of notches on the bedpost. But then what?

All four are addictive because they flood your body with stimulants. What is a Nice Guy's addiction of 'love' but a stimulant? Why don't you just get a needle and jab it in your arm, at least it won't be absurd.

Since I am not on the typical scale of Nice Guy or Seducer, everyone wants me to act 'fully' as one or the other. But I'm neither. Most websites can be categorized into the four. This site flaps like a flag caught in harsh winds, not deciding which way fully to go, but wants to keep leaning to the Citizen Dildo. The websites that speak of a different alternative are few, just as few as the men that do it.

Since I already have hundreds of pages of posts here, I have found a site that might help elaborate on this viewpoint further. Every post he makes is one I could have made, almost spot on. (note: his tone puts off many people. Also, some ideas he has are a bit too isolationsist. But his heart is in the right place: live your life instead of living for women.)

Sexuality is rapidly becoming a political and cultural problem, as strange as that may be. Single women are increasing, birth rates are plunging, more people are becoming infertile, which causes secondary reactions (immigration becomes more pronounced, elderly social programs become threatened, governments spend money on marriage promotion and baby promotion).

A storm is raging through our age. Too many guys are concerned about not getting wet (simply getting laid, finding a decent girl to marry, etc.) and not getting out of the way of this howling juggernaut that is already destroying nations, cultures, and family lines (of the bigger issues, such as matriarchy, plunging birth rates, etc).

I wish you guys well. Just remember: you do not dodge a juggernaut by throwing yourself in front of it.

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