Natures Path Leads to Women

As men, we are governed by two masters: Mind and Nature. (NOT mind and body. Nature refers to the processes and cycles that our bodies are only but a part.)

Both fight one another.

Mind: "The finest philosophies will get us the women." Nature: "You bore me. Unleash me." But what will get the women?

Mind: "Calculation. Seduction."

Nature: "Instinct. Masculinity."

And why should you get any women?

Mind: "Because everyone else is, and I am not."

Nature: "Because I am MALE and she is FEMALE."

Now let us throw some obstacles at the two. Let us say they are unceasingly unsuccessful in obtaining the beautiful women.

What are your reactions?

Mind: "This is obviously a failure within my calculation, my framing of the events. I will solve this with more seduction research, essay writing on message boards, for I treat sexual dynamics like an academic degree."

Nature: "The failure is in not being male enough. Increased masculinity is the solution."

But you who enraged the poets and tortured the philosophers, please please elaborate.

Nature: When the embryo is at three months, it is unisex. It is both sexes at once. Alas, from then it divides into a gender (of which we cannot choose, of which enforces a code of conduct and duties of behavior we cannot control or understand. And we call ourselves free...)

Mind: Yes, yes. One half turns male, the other female. It is in my books.

Nature: Then I shall burn your library. For Nature always has more secrets then you can decipher. Gender is not all or none.

There is a MIX.

Mind: But this is in my books. In Sex and Character, Weineger says that from birth, males and females are divided. Some males are 70% male, 30% female. Others are 80% male, 20% female. It is vice versa for women. We know of effininate men. We know of tom boys. Attraction is not a choice. A male that is 60% male and 40% female will attract a female that is 60% female and 40% male. A female that is 90% female and 10% male will attract a male that is 90% male and 10% female. It is a fact that some men are more feminine than others. This attraction scale is destiny: we mate with what fills the void the best. This is the mix that Weineger speaks of, is marked in the very first chapter of his book and made everything else possible.

Nature: I wonder if you would talk then till doomsday? Your followers, your philosophers, lawyers, academics, prattle and rattle on just like you! You are completely unaware of the seasons of life that color and sparkle the world. But I hesitate!

Mind: Like the flow and ebb of the moon.

Nature: Quiet you! Weineger and others of his ilk made good attempts at trying to discover my secrets. They tried to 'pop' themselves out of my earthly cycle and peer upon my work with the eyes of a god. Melancholy is my vengeance. Nieztche and Keirkegard, I drove those two mad. For Weineger I made his life so unpleasant that he had to shoot himself.

Mind: Is this your only vengeance?

Nature: No. It is reserved for anyone who frustrates my cycle. A man who persistantly stays single becomes a public temptation. I chisel away at him to make him more appropriate and correct the purpose of getting the women and carrying on my work.

Mind: But he will not do this. And your melancholy will not work due to the female attention he recieves.

Nature: I make and unmake the Adonis. The beautiful boy, refusing to use my gift for my purpose, enjoys being slaughtered by the elephant's tusk, the early untimely death. I will not be defied.

Mind: Yet, Weineger explained you.

Nature: Fool! Your 'mix' is all wrong. It is true that it is not simply 'male' and 'female'. But there is androgenous, where the male levels are so low in the male that he is barely a male. Or that the female levels are so low in the female that she is barely a female.

Mind: You divided us before birth.

Nature: And I inject you again with my touch at puberty. The boy must become a man and the girl a woman. But, alas, many attempt to buck my ways to follow YOU. Nerds, geeks, we know the labels. The longer a man tries to ignore the fact of my mission and cycle, the more pain and loneliness I will add into him until he has no choice to act.

Mind: You are vicious.

Nature: It gets the job done. But Weineger is wrong. We are not born onto a spectrum. Rather, we can add to it or decrease it. The element of attraction is destruction.

Mind: Destruction?

Nature: If a woman is amazingly female, what is the result? Mind: Hordes of men hunt after her.

Nature: Yes. Extremeness of spectrum is an anomaly that must be seeked out and destroyed. The female is feminine with matter. Girls at an early age are aware the effects their bodies have on young men. They know they are like a magnet. But who do they go for? The beautiful woman is the extreme female? Why, she is seeking the extreme male. By the actions of the jerk, who can say that he is not looking for destruction? He finds it in her and she finds it in him. I demand sterilization of the two. The more successes they have, the more and more it is drained from them. Eventually, they settle for one mate and begin the march toward the androgenous.

Mind: So the beautiful woman is attracted to the jerk because...

Nature: It is better to say that the extreme female woman is attracted to the extreme male man.

And this is the utterly simple secret. Jerks are not super confidant, not superior in all seduction knowledge. Jerks are testosteronized males. This seperates them from the Nice Guys who still defy the flooding of testosterone Nature inflicts on them.

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