Solution to Womanese

It is helpful to know your Womanese. But speaking it back to them? No, you have to be female for that.

DeAngelo understands, but he never specified it. A girl would take his hand (her womanese is saying "I like you") and he would say "Oh really?" when she took his hand.

If a women starts touching you, she is actually saying, "I like you." You can smile, touch her back, or whatever. Get out of your mind all these hidden signals and look at women in the context of FEELINGS. She will try to FEEL you and throw FEELINGS at you.

If she compliments you, "Oh Pook! You are such a smart Pookish guy!" she is saying nothing. She is just throwing a feeling at you.

So why do most men fail when talking with women? It is because they are using words, not feelings. You do not 'talk' to chicks, you express feelings. Think of a baby. The baby doesn't know what you are saying. The baby only cares about your tone of voice. You could say in a babyish voice, "Armageddon is going to fry us all today!" and the baby will smile in glee not because of the TONE but because of the FEELING the tone rides on.

So what solution is there to Womanese? Since Womanese is the process of feelings, all you have to do is EMIT feelings. In other words, focus on the joy in YOURSELF and let it SEEP OUT. Stop dividing yourself from your emotions. If you're happy, let yourself be happy. The women will smell it and love you.

The Nice Guy protests this post. "But I KEEP telling them my emotions! And look at where that has gotten me?"

Oh you pernicious emotional SLUT! Just as guys don't exactly respect the women who just sleep with whomever and wherever (sluts!), women don't exactly respect the guy who vomits his feelings to all the women all the time (emotional sluts, i.e. Nice Guy).

The Nice Guy kept trying to EXPRESS his emotions through our language. Flowers, poetry, declarations of love, and so on.

The player kept trying to CREATE INTEREST by doing things like kino, mirroring, eliciting values, and so on. He is just trying to get her to feel something and put a mirror to it, so it reflects to her. The player is providing mental masturbation in hopes she uses him as a boy toy for physical masturbation.

But the Don Juan is already full of joy and the emotions carry over to the women via Womanese.

Remember, what YOU feel, SHE feels. She will ALWAYS be trying to FEEL you. If you feel frustrated, she feels frustrated. If you feel despair, she feels despair. If you feel happy, she feels happy. If you feel playful, she feels playful.

If you feel horny, well... It has been shown that male lust turns women on.

This is why the focus must be on you. As you think, YOU shall become. But as you feel, so shall she feel. Women cannot love a wall, so they want to knock it down.

So connect! Get that feeling of joy in your world AND LET IT OUT. Let it live in your walk, let it live in your speech, let it live in your eyes. The sexiest thing a man can do is SMILE. But smile not with just your lips, smile with your eyes, smile in your walk, smile with your talk.

Live in fragments no longer! Throw your mental prison off! Connect your emotions and the world, your dreams to day, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die!

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