Womanese and Shopping Carts

I am throwing this into the post for the heck of it. Come, gentlemen, join this hungry Pook on his trip to the supermarket.

Pook gets his cart and begins to go through the store.

Ahh, there is nothing like shopping for food. Pook loads his cart up with items. You may think it is boring, but there is something you do not know.

"Excuse me," a woman said, as she drove her cart around Pook.

Did you catch that? No, you probably didn't. She was looking into my shopping cart! Her eyes were glued to the things I had in my little buggy.

Look! There it is again. It could be old women, young women, single women, married women, they keep checking out what I have in my cart.

You say: "They are nosy women and must see what you are getting."

No, gentleman, they are checking out my cart because they want me! Yes, even the shopping market can become an erotic experience.

You may wonder how I know this. Well, women check out guys in many ways. One thing, for sure, is that they try to see if a guy is single or not by what he puts in his shopping cart. If he has items like half a gallon of milk, microwavable meals, and in general, a small amount of stuff, women will assume he is a bachelor and perhaps make a move. Some women will psychoanalyze your life based on what you have in your shopping cart. (Some women, thinking men think like they do, will deliberately put things in their shopping cart to convey an impression, such as water bottles to represent their 'healthy lifestyle' without realizing that men don't even look at the items in shopping carts.)

What does this have to do with womanese? Absolutely nothing. But this is the most appropriate place for it. So if you are shopping and see a woman spying on the items in your cart as she passes by, hey, she's probably checking you out.

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