Lair to Lure Your Love

I can't stress enough how crucial atmosphere is. The surroundings in which your seduction occurs are almost as important as the lovemaking itself.

French courtesans took special care to create erotic and sensuous environments. These exquisite seductresses knew how to engulf their paramours in a seductive ambience that brought out each man's sexual best. Taking into consideration the taste of her partner, the courtesan would add or take away elements from the room, in order to create the perfect delight just for him. She took particular pains to appeal to each of her partner's senses, using, for example:

• Evocative paintings to stimulate his eyes

• Pungent oils for the nose

• Luscious juicy fruits and wines for the taste buds

• Soft fabrics such as silk for the skin

The key point to remember is that the surroundings you create must arouse your lover's senses, not just your own. After all, that's why you have been doing all that observing and planning since the first seductive date. Let's review a few sexy tricks and tips for weaving your irresistible web:

• Your private gallery: Place erotic prints or sexy photos in strategic locations in your bedroom—perhaps something that would suggest, "That position might be fun to try."

• Your garden of earthly delights: Plants and flowers appeal to the primitive romantic in all of us. Don't skimp here.

• Falling softly in lust: Throws, soft spreads, comforters and overstuffed pillows give an ambience of luxury and say, "Snuggle into me; I want you to stay."

• Music to his or her ears: In Chapter 16 I talked about the disparity between movie seductions and real life. Of course, this certainly doesn't mean you can't borrow some ideas from the movies. And let's face it: No movie seduction scene would be complete without background music. Here you have a distinct advantage that the French courtesans of centuries past didn't have. So just go to your favorite music store and pick your seduction soundtrack with your lover in mind.

• Clearing the palate for the next course: The most ardent lovers need to replenish their strength for encore performances. Chilled wine or flavored mineral water, fruits and sweet treats are perfect for those delicious in-between times.

• You light up my life: No star would be filmed in unflattering lighting, so pay attention here. Soft pink or peach light bulbs are always right. And remember, while you want lighting to be flattering, be sure it's not so dark that the costars can't see each other. (A special note for women: Remember that guys are visual. So provide enough light to give him the visual stimulation he craves.)

• Sweet supplies: Next to your bed, keep a basket of essentials such as lubricants, body oils, creams, condoms, and clean towels. Depending upon your preferences, you might want to add a couple of sexual toys, feathers, pearls, silk scarves, and the like. You want to keep things interesting.

• Just for you: Always add at least one element to the scene that is unmistakably for your lover alone. If she loves grapes or black olives, or he's driven wild by feathers, make sure these are prominently displayed. You want to send a sweet, clear message that tells your lover, "I created this love nest just for you."

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