Night To Remember

You have become the alluring seductress or seducer you've always wanted to be, you've attracted the person whom you think you want to seduce, and now it's coming down to the wire. We'll begin this part with a chapter on determining whether or not this person really is a good sex partner for you. (Don't get into bed with your partner before answering the questions in this chapter.)

Next we'll explore how to make the most of that delicious period of tension leading up to lovemaking. Seduction, after all, is not just an act; it is a process—and I'll share some tips and techniques to help you savor every moment. Then we'll discuss the anxieties and fears you may have as the time of that first lovemaking approaches. And then at last, in the chapters you've been waiting for, we'll talk in delicious detail about using seduction to bring you to that long-awaited explosive lovemaking.

If you've chosen your partner wisely and well, and you open yourself up to learning all you can from your new lover, it's very possible that the explosive chemistry between you will continue long past that "night to remember."

Chapter 14

Should We or Shouldn't We?

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