Adventures Along the

You can make your own signposts for your relationship by planning activities that stand out from the ordinary, everyday dating experiences. These become signposts on the basis of their uniqueness.

While planning your dates, try to include activities that are surefire memory makers. Instead of going to the most popular nightspot, you might try heading to a place that reminds you of a particularly happy time in your childhood. Though an amusement park, a baseball game, or a movie that is screening an anthology of old cartoons might not normally be considered romantic, giving your date a glimpse into the awe-filled child you once were can be quite endearing, and inspire your partner to want to bring that giddy child out to play in other ways—like in the bedroom.

Or consider being tourists in your own city. Even if you've both lived in your town for 30 years, take a tour bus and gawk at all the landmarks and historic sites. See your city together through new eyes. Then, if you can afford it, check into one of your town's historic old hotels or bed-and-breakfasts, and conduct your own private tour.

Plan periodic Jittle day trips or adventures with a theme that will immerse you and your lover in a whoJe new world, Make sure the experience you create for the two of you appeals to all of your fern«: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. There's nothing J ike the sharing of new experiences to keep the seduction going strong and the relationship full of fire,

The whole point is to look upon life—and your relationship—as a continuing adventure. Adventure is not something that just happens to you; it's something you create. As long as you are willing to create new adventures for yourself and your lover, the seduction will never end.

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