The image of two people, turning away from each other after sex and lighting a cigarette, has become a cliche of sorts, rating right up there with the man who falls asleep immediately after sex. Unfortunately, the cliche reflects a tendency we have to hide ourselves away once passion subsides, and we realize just how vulnerable we have been with another person. (Of course, there's also a physiological basis for the desire to sleep after sex.) In any case, it's important that you use the moments immediately after making love to set the memory of your sweet seduction.

What you want to do is let your lover know that even though passion is no longer the driving force, you are still very glad to be there with him or her. Don't abandon your partner by immediately turning over and falling asleep, or jumping up and running to take a shower. Instead, hold each other for awhile. Gentle caresses and soft conversation can make this time of afterglow almost as sweet as the seduction itself. And if you do feel a need for a shower, ask your lover to join you. But don't be surprised if this starts a whole new cycle of play!

In the next chapter, we'll continue our exploration of the art of making love. I will share a wealth of seductive secrets that can truly make any night with your lover—whether it's the first night or not—"a night to remember."

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