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Don't forget that a sensuous tovch can be very effects In getting a man's mind moving in the direction you want Even the slightest touch on his arm will make him keenly aware of your physical presence. If you casually touch his thigh while the two of you are talking, it wil almost oertainly cause him to think about how your-fingertips would feel on other sensitwe spots. Yet you will have ieft aliwe the element of mystery, and he'U be wondenng if you are aware of the thoughts you are inspiring or just casually making an innocentgesbure.

Spontaneity: Being a One-Woman Surprise Party

Another way you can bring a man to desire you is by simply being spontaneous, even in a completely nonsexual way. To be ready to jump into a new experience, excited by what it has to offer you, tells a man that you are hungry for life, and that you won't be a wet blanket who needs convincing before attempting something new. Most people crave spontaneity in their lives. With this in mind, you can direct some of that craving toward yourself, just by being open to new things.

Of course, you have a right to set boundaries, and to avoid doing something that makes you feel unsafe or that otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself, honestly, if the situation is really risky, or if it's just new to you. Find the perfect balance between your good judgment and your desire for fun, and you'll have a wonderful time.

Not surprisingly, this spontaneity principle also extends to sex (more on that in Chapter 17), and to expressions of affection. Say, for example, that the two of you are walking down the street on your way to the restaurant. Your conversation is light and lively, even nonsensical at times. The two of you are just laughing and enjoying the evening—and each other. At one point, as you lean close to hear him whisper something funny about a person nearby, you punctuate your laughter by kissing him briefly, almost absent-mindedly, then continue your conversation as if nothing had happened.

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