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Just because a romantic relationship does not end in a long-term commitment, this doesn't mean the love wasn't real, and it certainly doesn't mean the relationship was a watte of time.

Deanna and Brad were together for neaHy three years. They were passionately in love and extremely compatible in many areas, not the least of which was sex. in fact, they came very close to getting married. In the end, however, they concluded that they wanted radically different things in life and could neiver truly be happy as husband and wife. Brad wanted very much to settle down and raise a family in the small town in which he'd grown up, Deanna had a wanderlust, however, and wanted to spend the next 10 years or so traveling. She was also quite sure she did not want to have children.

When Deanna and Brad said goodbye, many of their friends and family mem ben expressed disappointment "You were such e perfect matchI* they heard over and over. Or, "You were soul mates! You guys really blew it* Many people, particularly Deanna's friends, ventured the opinion that Deanrw had wasted nearly three years of her life,

■"That's ridiculous," De&nna says. "Brad and I taught each other so much, and we truly helped each other grow, [ wouldn't bade my time with him for anything in the world." Brad feels the same way. "No, it didn't end in 'happily ever after/" he says. "But Deanna is the most beautiful, most seductive woman I have ever known, and I Know I'm a better person because of the time I spent with her."

Brad's and Deanna's was truly "an affair to remember," and they remember it fondly because they did not become too attached to the outcome of their relationship. Like Dean na and Brad, we should all leam to appreciate the people in our fives for the gifts they truly are, whether or not the relationship lasts forever.

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