And Other Oral Delights

To some people, oral sex is strictly foreplay, just a prelude to intercourse. To others, it is every bit as pleasurable, if not more so, than intercourse. There are even some people to whom oral sex, like kissing, implies a greater level of intimacy than intercourse. And although there are a few people who are turned off by the idea of giving or receiving oral sex, most couples in our society today do consider it a normal part of lovemaking—whether it occurs before or after intercourse, or as an act in and of

This book isn't the forum to go into a great deal of detail about techniques. There are plenty of good books and videos that can help you there, and I've listed some of them in the Resources list in Appendix A at the back.

I do, however, want to share a few important points about oral sex (also called cunnilingus and fellatio). Perhaps the most important is that, like the rest of lovemaking, your emphasis should be on mutual pleasure rather than on performance. Of course, everyone wants to be "good" at oral sex. And, in fact, you can be, if you remember the "three C's"


1. Craving. Don't just like it; crave it. The more you hunger for the taste of your lover, the better you'll be.

2. Concentration. Concentrate on your partner's reactions, and respond accordingly. If your partner isn't giving you any indication, don't be shy about asking, "Does this feel okay? Tell me what you like____"

3. Confidence. If you master the first two items, you can't help but become adept at this delightful form of lovemaking. And the better you become, the more confident you'll be in your abilities.

Seductive Oral-Sex Secrets for Her

As most women know, the typical man loves it when a woman lavishes oral attention on his penis. This goes far beyond just physical sensations, however. A man's penis is a significant mark of his sexual identity and, in turn, of his being. If you show him that you think his penis is beautiful, and that you truly enjoy touching and kissing it, you will also be showing him you enjoy him.

For HER Eyes Only

A woman'! tongue, flicked across the opening in the end of a man's penis as he has an orgajm, is a surefire way to send him into Outer space.

For HER Eyes Only

A woman'! tongue, flicked across the opening in the end of a man's penis as he has an orgajm, is a surefire way to send him into Outer space.

While your attitude is infinitely more important than fancy technique, there are little things you can do while giving your man oral sex that will drive him wild. For example, men love the sensation of a woman's lips as she is taking his penis into her mouth. While moving your mouth over your man's penis, hold your lips tight against it, creating a seal to the point that your cheeks puff out slightly as you take it in deeper, and are drawn in as you withdraw it from your mouth. (Caution: Watch those teeth! A little nibble goes a long way on his most sensitive body part.)

Of course, every man is different, so get to know him and what he loves. Be genuinely enthusiastic, stay attentive to his responses, and you're almost sure to delight him.

Seductive Oral-Sex Secrets for Him

The main point to remember when giving oral sex to your lover is to be soft and gentle with your oral attentions. The second point: Use variety. Don't keep making the same motions over and over, even if she seems to especially like it when you do a specific thing. Entice her with a variety of sensations, making her gasp in anticipation of your occasional return to her particular favorite. Alternate direct clitoral stimulation by running your tongue along the outside of her vagina, and kissing her upper thighs from time to time.

You can even stop altogether to look in her eyes. This builds the intense tension that transports the two of you to a profoundly erotic plateau, where you can linger before going on to what will probably be a toe-curling orgasm for her. And, if you overwhelm her with delight, she will be much more excited about giving you all the pleasure you can handle. ^^

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