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Carmlie if one of the most compeiJingly seductive women J know. Our youth-oriented Culture notwithstanding, this 48-year-old siren can walk into a room and put all the nubile fteyivafcfi^babe lookalikes to shame. She's not particularly beautiful in the conventional seme, but Csmille eludes a radiance you can't help but notice.

You'd never believe she went through a real crisis when the turned 40. To get through it, she took an inventory of her life experiences—the traveling she'd done, what ibe'd learned about human nature, the perspective she had at 40 that she didn't have in her 20s-and she hones try began to he proud of her age,

To celebrate her 40th birthday, Camille went on an adventure trek to the Hiinaiayaj. She aTsci went back to college and gather inaiter'j degree. And she's started an exercise and nutrition program that has given her a healthy glow. Now CamilJe is too busy to grouse about guys her age who ogle 20-year-olds (something that used to bother her)-hut she's not too bu>y to notice that guys of all ages are Ogling her these days.

When your physical, intellectual, and emotional parts are all working well, your intent is clear and your self-image is healthy. Such a balance feeds your essence—which, in turn, magnifies the attractiveness of your individual qualities.

It's like a perpetual-motion process, focused on making you a better, more desirable being. The more you elevate the separate aspects of your being, the more your spirit is uplifted, and the more it enhances the individual parts of your persona, which then... well, you get the point. A well-developed spirit is that special something that turns an apparently ordinary-looking woman into a ravishing beauty, or a marginally attractive man into a desirable hunk.

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