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You can learn from everyone, even the people you might ordinarily overlook. Tom was working late one evening and got to talking with Mas, a night janitor in his office building. He found out that Max was once a prize fighter. Tom had recently developed1 an interest in homing, and soon he was making arrangement! for Ma* to give him lessons. In return, Tom agreed to help Max improve his reading skills and prepare to take his high-school equivalency test. Now the two men have become friends.

11 People don't come in packages that are labeled with all they know/ Tom says. Toy have to be willingto leam, and people will want to learm from you. Be interested in people, and the/n be interested fn you." Take a lesson from Tom, and be open to the riches that other people have to offer.

Next, we'll dig a little deeper, and talk about those elusive emotional buttons that you need to push to make yourself more seductive. I think you'll be surprised: it's not as complicated as you might expect.

>■ Your mfnd f; the most powerful seduction toof you possess. ^ There ii a wo rid of things bo engage you if you [tep outside yourseff.

>■ Sometimes it is more blessed to receive than to give. Be a good recipient of ^ Let your passion for life grow and shine, and people will be drawn to you.

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