Ask the Love Coach

Have you ever tried to «if something? Whether it's Girl Scout cookies or raffle tickets, it's hard to sell anything that doesn't imprest you or that you don't know that much about The same goes for selling yourself: Learn to appreciate your Own qualities before you try to self them to someone else, Remember, seff-confidence is one of the best aphrodisiacs around-for you and for the object of your desire. So, take some time and figure out what'i great about you. The most important first impression is the One you make upon yourself, ------—~—---- ■ ■-

You've spent a lot of time and devoted a lot of thought and energy to making yourself more appealing and more seductive. Now it's time to figure out the best way to present all that seductiveness in the all-too-brief seconds that occur just before—and immediately after—you meet.

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