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The most successful flirts are those who feel that, the worid-and life itself—flirts with themTake the time to be tantalized by something simple as the icent of a newly mowed lawn or the taste of a fresh strawberry. Look for the beauty in the world around you, and you will mirror that beauty back for all the world to see.

When you come right down to it, seductive flirting is really as simple as finding your prospect and selling your seductiveness to that individual. As for commissions and bonuses, well, that's entirely up to you and your partner!

Flirting, as we have seen, can be grievously misused. However, if you maintain your conscious commitment to the integrity of your own behavior, you will find that flirting can be a deliciously sensuous activity—a source of pleasure for both you and the person with whom you're flirting. Done properly, it can provide a real boost to both your egos, and get a new relationship off to a wonderful start. So stamp that word "integrity" on the inside of your eyelids where you'll be constantly reminded, and get out there and have—ahem—a ball!

The Least You Need to Know

>■ Flirting can be many things; a harmless ego bo cut, a destructive game, or a powerful prelude to seduction.

> Jf you have a fear of flirting, you can get over it if you think in terms of simply connecting with people, not flirting with them,

>- When you are flirting, know what you want (and are prepared to give) and keep the signals you send clear.

>■ To be successful at seductive flirting, you need to be literate in nonverbal communication, as well as the principles of connecting,

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Chapter 13

A Seductive Guide to "the Big D": The Date.

Now that you've put so much time, thought, and energy into honing your own style of personal allure, and have successfully attracted someone, it's time to hit the playing field and go out on a date. While you've made a great first impression, you now are faced with "fleshing out" the image you've projected so far.

Equally important, it is also time to actually begin the process of deciding whether or not you want to seduce this person. Assuming the answer is yes, you will be using the date to pick up clues that will help you set the stage for a successful seduction. (And assuming the answer is no, you'll still want to end the evening as graciously as possible, with no hurt feelings.)

If this sounds like a lot of work, relax; it's not. The first point to remember is that even if your ultimate goal is a steamy seduction, your aim on the first date should mainly be to have fun. In this chapter, I'll share some secrets on how you can not only have fun, but can use that first date to learn more about this person, in order to begin planning a delicious seduction.

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