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How u/rlJ your oíd fríen di react to the new, more seductive you? If they're true friends, theyTl be delighted for you. If the/re critical of you, consider their true motive. They may be uncomfortable with change, or simply insecure, Vou don't need to defend yourw;lf to them. But be sure to examine your own behavior, and make wre you're not putting on ain, Not on(y n that distinctly ufiteductiwt, but arrogance leaves you particularly vulnerable to the scorn of others should you happen to "slip."


• If you have tried to change so much that the "old you" is completely hidden, you will naturally come across as being false, and your old friends will see it (and probably call you on it). Remember, if your true friends can see through your new persona, it isn't real for you, either. It is a mask you have put on to hide the "old you," and anyone you meet will eventually see through it, also. Don't try to become someone else; just become the most desirable you that you can be.

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