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Let your partner filJ in the blanks of your fantasy or dream. Too much detail, and itwiM be Jike watching a movie instead of participating in a relationship. You want your partner involved.

The dream scenario that opens this chapter is a good example of how to involve a partner, perhaps to the point of getting him or her to fantasize about you, too. The man began by enlisting his date's permission to relate his dream to her. Once she gave the go-aheadr he provided just enough descriptive detail bo make the dream ieem feal, pique her interest and get her imagination fired op.

Did it work? In spades. "What he left unsaid was just as powerful ai the things he said," declared Do nna, my client whos« date had shared this dream, "He really made me feel that 1 was in the scene he dewribed, and afterwards., I couldn't stop fantasizing about him. Let'i say it added a delicious dimension bo Our seduction."

By setting the stage in the description of your dream, you are inviting your partner to become a participant in his or her own fantasies. By approaching a potentially erotic encounter, yet leaving it hanging, you have allowed your partner to complete the scene in his or her own imagination. You will have created a fantasy that is perfectly tailored to your partner's deepest desires, and is therefore incredibly powerful. You will also have allowed your partner to have some space, so that he or she doesn't feel crowded or intruded upon. This is the perfect setting for a seduction, achieving that delicate balance between danger and comfort that spells eroticism.

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