Attention Shoppers Theres a Macarena Contest in the Produce Section in 15 Minutes

Over the last few years, tales of romance that begin in the grocery store are increasingly common, and for good reason. If you think about it, you are in the grocery store, presumably, for one reason: to buy food to sustain and enhance your life. Even the foods you choose to purchase make statements about who you are. And since single people have to eat like everybody else, they will be in the store making their statements, as well.

Next time you're in the grocery store, really look at what you have in your basket, and ask yourself what kind of statement your choices make about you. Is your basket brimming with healthy foods that say you care about your body and don't mind going to some effort to prepare for its nourishment, or with frozen insta-meals, pork rinds, and beer that say you'd rather not be bothered? Look (discreetly, please) in the baskets of other shoppers, and play a little game of writing their life stories based on the items they've picked out. Then write your own story, based only upon clues obtained from your own basket's contents. You'd be surprised at how accurate the stories can be.

I have a friend who, upon visiting a new boyfriend's apartment for the first time, was overjoyed to find that he had a well-stocked spice cabinet and items such as artichoke hearts, capers, and feta cheese in his refrigerator. To her, these items were representative of a man who was a true sensualist, and who savored the many flavors of life. To him, the items were simply necessary condiments for the preparation of his daily meals. His basic attitude was communicated to her without any effort on his part. It's worthy to note that she discovered, months later, that he also had a deep fondness for hot dogs, but by then, she was already hooked!

If you see someone you find attractive, you can always find an excuse to approach him or her. Maybe you're not the world's greatest judge of what constitutes a good tomato, or maybe you notice something in his or her cart that you've been tempted to try, so ask for the person's help or an opinion. The number of approaches are almost infinite.

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