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Before I give you a breakdown of the book's organization, I want to say a few words about its focus. First of all, this book covers sexual topics, and I am sensitive to the fact that many people still believe sex should not take place outside of marriage (or at least outside of a committed relationship).

While I respect everybody's beliefs, I feel it is my responsibility to offer advice that reflects contemporary reality. I do not advocate promiscuity, and I do believe that the most fulfilling sex takes place within the context of a loving relationship. However, most couples in our society have sex before marriage, and many have it even before there's any thought of commitment. How you handle the sequence of events in your own relationship is up to you, but in any case, the advice in this book can be applied whether or not you are married or in some other type of committed relationship. And one principle I feel strongly about is that of safe sex. (See Chapter 14.)

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