Body Talk Saying It Without Words

If it's important to know how to read body language, it's equally as important to know how to "speak" with your own body. You probably know what you want to say. Now we're going to look at a few ways to say it, clearly, without uttering a word. Keep in mind that this isn't about deception, and it's not about engaging in the sort of forced posturing that's as obvious as a rhino in a phone booth. Instead, what we are trying to do is make you aware of what your body language is saying, so you can be certain that it mirrors what you really feel.

Just as you choose your words when you are describing a situation to another person, you can also choose your body language. This isn't being deceptive. It is simply exercising your communication skills to describe your thoughts as accurately (or sometimes as diplomatically) as possible.

Once you have really focused on the individual you're with, and decided what you want to communicate to that person, go over the checklist in the following table, comparing your posture and positioning to the items listed. Is your body saying "I'm interested" or "Get me outta here"?

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