Chiseled or Voluptuous Achieving Your Personal Best Physique

When Harold and Julia began working on their goals to improve their bodies, one of the first goals they both set for themselves was to become more physically fit. I recommend you do this too. You needn't strive for a perfect body—if such a body even exists. Just aim to be healthy in whatever represents good shape for you.

Julia began to review the exercise programs she had followed in the past. She'd never been a big fan of the gym scene, so she decided to try something different. Since Julia had always been attracted to Latin music, she signed up for some dance classes and started learning the tango and salsa dancing. Now, instead of being an exercise drudge, she finds she is having a great time in the classes. Not only has she gotten in noticeably better shape, she finds that moving with the exotic rhythms and perfecting the steps makes her feel incredibly sensuous.

Julia has discovered another bonus to her new enthusiasm for Latin dancing. Having always been a bit on the voluptuous side, she used to lament that she would never be as thin and willowy as the models she saw in Vogue. Her attractive tango instructor, Raul, has helped change all that. Coming from a culture that appreciates curves on a woman, the flirtatious attention Raul pays her has given Julia a different perspective altogether, and a new appreciation for her own natural beauty.

If beauty is in the eye of the (»holder, it is also .in the eye of one's culture. Standards of attractiveness are arbitrary. For years our culture has presented the tall, willowy fashion model look ai the ideal for women; hut other cultures prefer the voiuptuoui, earth-mother type. Whether you're cuivy, slender, or muscular, learn to love your own body, and it won't matter what the prevailing look is.

Harold had always been a jogger. He liked running, but he didn't really like having a runner's body. Though he was becoming more fit, his body kept getting thinner. He decided to cut down on his running program and chose to supplement it with weight training.

Harold started with an instructor to teach him how to handle the weights properly, and he began lifting a small amount of weight three days a week to improve his muscle

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