Cleanliness Is Next to Well

I knew a man in college who, when preparing for a date, would actually sift through his dirty laundry until he found a shirt he wanted to wear. Upon finding it, he would sniff it—and should it be, shall we say, reminiscent of its last wearing, he would simply spray some cologne or deodorant on it and put it on. Maybe you were like my old friend when you were young and wild. Nowadays, of course, you're not guilty of any such hygiene-impaired behavior (right?). Since we're discussing seductiveness, however, there's a little more to know than the essentials about daily showers and brushing your teeth.

For our purposes, let's say there are two levels of hygiene. First there's basic hygiene, which is all the stuff you already know. Then there's the next level: seductive hygiene. Seductive hygiene involves going that extra mile to be extra appealing. Women being the sensitive creatures that we are (note that I didn't say delicate; I said sensitive, as in having acute senses), it's easy for a guy to lose points in this area. But it's not at all difficult to win them, either.

Before we go any further, don't think I'm picking on you men. I'm well aware that women, too, are sometimes less than impeccable with their grooming, although this occurs more frequently within the context of a long-term relationship (she wears the same old faded T-shirt around the house all the time, or she doesn't shave her legs quite as often as she did back when you were dating—but that's a topic for another book).

In the early stages of a relationship, however, women are, if anything, too self-conscious about grooming and hygiene. Okay, I know there are exceptions, and you guys can write your horror stories to me at the address you'll find at the front of the book. For now, let's concentrate on you. Even the most fastidious men sometimes forget that when you want to be seductive, you have to make an extra effort to get to that next level.

To illustrate this point, we'll look at a few examples. The names are fictional, of course, but every one of the situations below is based on feedback from my clients.

Putting a Damper on the Situation

Situation: James has just completed his twice-weekly workout at the gym, and realizes he's running very late for his afternoon date with Stacy. There's no time for his usual shower, but he figures he'll just shower at Stacy's place, as he's done on a few other occasions. He quickly runs a comb through his hair and beard, and heads out into the 90-degree heat and 100-percent humidity of a Houston summer afternoon. He grabs an onion bagel with scallion cream cheese at the little shop next to the gym, jumps into his car and heads towards Stacy's townhouse. When Stacy welcomes him at the front door, he draws her toward him and tries to give her a big kiss on the mouth. He's somewhat hurt when she turns her face for a cheek kiss instead, and even more so when she extricates herself from the hug—a little too quickly, it seems.

For HIS Eyes Only

Though many wen think a neat, dean beard is iexy, keep in mind that the bWstJes of $ two-day growth can feel liJ<c sandpaper.

For HIS Eyes Only

Though many wen think a neat, dean beard is iexy, keep in mind that the bWstJes of $ two-day growth can feel liJ<c sandpaper.

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