Dangerous Beauty, 17 dates anxiety about, 152

asking someone out, 120-122, 125-126 atmosphere, setting, 187-188 chemistry, analyzing, 162 comfort zone, 157 conversation, guide-lines, 155-158 ending, 158-164

rejecting future proposals, 161 sexual precautions, 158 showing interest in future possibilities, 159 evaluating, 162-164 first impressions, 153-154

flattery, 154

focusing on your date, 152-153 fun, creating an atmosphere of, 156-157 guidelines for success, 152-155 impressions analyzing, 154 creating, 154-155 initiating (women with men), 120-122 mystery, projecting, 154 note-taking for future reference, 157 planning, 252 promptness, 153 dating services, 109-110 delicious seduction, 8-10, 286 Delta of Venus, 283 destructive flirting, 140, 145-147 diction, 36-38 dining, food selections, 95 Disclosure, 217 domination, 267 Don Juan de Marco, 3, 217 dreams, sharing to seduce, 179-186 drink as a prop for seduction, 218 as an inspiration for seduction, 217 sensuality of, 253

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Seduction Secrets

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