Do Unto Others

No matter where you think the relationship is going, there are two points to keep in mind:

1. Don't abandon rationality. Keep your eyes open, and one foot firmly on the ground (even if your head is up in the clouds, or, ahem, momentarily under the table). Don't let your excitement blind you to things that you would normally reject.

2. Remember the Golden Rule. Whether you are excited about the prospect of seeing this person again, or just want to turn the page on your mutual involvement, act toward him or her in the same manner as you would want someone to act toward you. The Golden Rule really applies here, and how you behave will affect you as much as it will your partner. You wouldn't enjoy being misled by someone who didn't want to be with you, or smothered by someone who did; it doesn't feel any better if you're the one doing the misleading or the smothering.

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