Easy in the Big Easy

Stacy and her boyfriend Ralph were spending the weekend in New Orleans. The police happened to be on strike, and one noticeable effect was that the prostitutes had emerged from hiding and were openly offering their services everywhere. As you might imagine, there were many willing customers.

Stacy was a woman whose Christy-Brinkley-type, girl-next-door good looks made men do a double take wherever she went. She was really attracting attention today, for in place of her usual conservative garb she was dressed in a slightly daring but classy outfit of black Lycra pants, with a skimpy gold metallic top, black jacket and gold high heels. The contrast between her clean, innocent beauty and that sizzling, seductive outfit was stunning, and as she walked down the sidewalk with Ralph, Stacy attracted more than one lustful glance from male passers-by.

At one point Ralph stopped to look in a store window, and Stacy walked on ahead a few feet. Almost immediately, she was propositioned by a man, somewhat warily, for he wasn't truly sure if she was a prostitute or not. When she told him she wasn't, he turned red and apologized profusely, but she laughed and told him not to worry about it.

The incident sparked an idea in Stacy's mind. She waited for Ralph to catch up to her, and said, "Let's play a little game." She told him to follow her at a discreet distance for about six blocks, whereupon she would stop at a lamp post. "Let's see how many men proposition me."

"Well, okay," Ralph said, a little uncertain but somehow excited at the prospect. As Stacy began to walk confidently and seductively down the street, she could feel the men's eyes on her. Briefly making eye contact, she smiled at them, giving the more promising-looking ones a more encouraging smile. By doing this, she was able to single out the men whom she wanted to approach her. When they did approach, of course, she smiled but told them she wasn't a "working girl." Most went away disappointed, though several asked her if she wanted to have a drink anyway, which she politely declined.

From his discreet distance, Ralph observed this with mixed emotions: anxiety for Stacy's safety, admiration for the way she attracted the men and then politely turned them away, and pride that this striking woman, hungered after by so many other men, was his. As he watched, he realized he had never wanted her so much. And when she finally stopped and leaned against the street light, attracting a small crowd of eager men, Ralph was seized with an overwhelming desire to "claim" his woman.

Why not present Stacy with a little surprise of his own, he thought. He waited until she had turned away several disappointed men, and then brashly walked up to her, as if introducing himself. "Hi, I'm Ralph," he said. Gently tugging her hair and tipping her face up to his, he kissed her passionately and then took her by the arm, saying, "You're coming to my hotel room now."

As they left the scene, Stacy and Ralph could barely contain their laughter at the disbelieving stares and gasps from the rejected suitors, who wondered how some unknown man could just walk up and steal this stunning woman from their midst. The excitement and confidence this incident inspired in both Ralph and Stacy resulted in some of the sexiest lovemaking they had ever experienced.

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