Even Cindy Crawford Doesnt Look Like Cindy Crawford

Like so many women, Julia dreamt of looking like a supermodel—specifically, Cindy Crawford. Then one day Julia was fortunate enough to see Cindy, who is admired for

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All the rtied icjl reports toil us that dieting is notonfy ineffective; it is alio counterproductive and evien potentially dangejoui, It'i far better to eat sensibly and get the exercise you need to maintain a jeme of vitality, than to starve and exercise yourself to death, just to fiach some unattainable goaf.

her candor, on one of the model's many talk show appearances. Cindy made a comment that provided a near-epiphany for Julia, and which I think should be made into a bumper sticker or T-shirt and handed out to every female over the age of 10: not even Cindy Crawford looks like Cindy Crawford. Even though she acknowledges she's a beautiful woman, she admitted that many of her photos are re-touched to remove a little blemish she might have that day, or to otherwise smooth or enhance her image.

We know women are continually faced with unrealistic ideals of beauty, But men don't have it much easier. They are bombarded with farfetched media images of the ideal man, and my work with clients ha* shewn me that guys frequently attempt—unsuccessfully—to emulate these images. One client; Tom, groused, "If we're to believe the mais media, the 'ideal' guy is a combination James Eond/Br^d Pitt/ CQ model. Eventually you figure O^t it's not possible to live up to all those ideals, and you find your Own hiche." Tom's right. Just like women, men need to be realistic in their expectations of themselves and their perceptions of their rote modeli. Develop your own style; resf women will love you for it

Cindy is not alone in her candor. In another example, actress Morgan Fairchild published a beauty book. This gutsy woman, who presents such a startlingly beautiful public image, included unretouched photographs of herself without make-up. The difference between the Morgan we see and the Morgan who wakes up in the morning is astonishing. Does this make her less beautiful? Hardly. But it does show us that her beauty is not the same as it's presented on the television screen or magazine covers.

The whole point is that you need to have an accurate, realistic image of yourself, and that you need to hold it up to realistic role models for comparison. If you continually strive to look like an image that's computer enhanced or airbrushed, you will always feel short-changed.

For H15 Eyes Only

For H15 Eyes Only

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