Eye Contact Magic or Menace

We humans have long held that a person's eyes are the "windows to the soul," and we tend to place great substance in how a person maintains—or avoids—eye contact during conversation. It is here that the "reading" can get a little tricky. Some people simply aren't inclined to make heavy eye contact, and tend to look away frequently. This doesn't necessarily support conventional wisdom, which says that such people are usually deceitful. The person may simply be shy.

By the same token, just because someone looks unceasingly into your eyes when he or she speaks doesn't mean this person is necessarily a paragon of integrity. On the contrary, deceivers may actually be consciously forcing themselves to maintain eye contact to convince you that they are truthful and/or interested. Or they may even be trying in some way to manipulate you, or to intimidate you with their steady, unwavering gaze. Look closely into the eyes that stare into yours, and try to read what is behind them.

Other factors that can influence your interpretation may be the result of the individual's genetics, rather than his intent. For example, it's said that someone with close-set eyes is somewhat shifty, or someone has "beady little eyes" if her eyes are small. While I am certain that each of us can recall someone who fits these descriptions (physically and in personality), to be fair, we need to at least consider our prejudices when we make our interpretation.

By using common sense and your instincts, you can get a pretty accurate idea about the person, regardless of how long he or she looks into your eyes. Remember: The foremost factor in seductiveness is intent, and the best way to read that intent is on an intuitive level.

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