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Many women think beards and moustaches are very sexy, but remember that extra facial hair demands extra attention when it ■comes to grooming and hygiene. Keep beards and mustachei neatly trimmed, and consider investing in a mustache comb. And do take a few moments to g^e your face a onceover rn a mirror after you've eaten (you really doo't want your dinner companion to take one look at your beard and know exactly what you had for Punch, do you?).

It is profoundly disturbing to hear about some lovely young woman who dies as a result of an extreme diet, all because her self-image was so distorted that she always felt that she was too fat. Yet in our culture, we tend to encourage this very scenario by perpetuating the image of the ideal woman as being svelte, even waiflike. In recent years, critics have lashed out at the "heroin-chic" look of runway models, who look to all the world like strung-out junkies. Equally heartbreaking is the person, be it a man or a woman, who wrecks his body, destroys his internal organs, and develops cancer at a young age, all as a result of taking steroids to "improve" the body's definition.

It's far better to take an honest but kind look at your body as it is (more on that in a moment). Then work toward making it the best it was meant to be, rather than trying to change it drastically and force it into some completely unrealistic image.

Heart Brakes

All the rtied icjl reports toil us that dieting is notonfy ineffective; it is alio counterproductive and evien potentially dangejoui, It'i far better to eat sensibly and get the exercise you need to maintain a jeme of vitality, than to starve and exercise yourself to death, just to fiach some unattainable goaf.

The key to making your body the best it can be lies in— you guessed it—sound nutrition and some form of exercise. It is beyond the scope of this book to delve into the particulars of your nutrition program or exercise routine, but there are many good books on health, fitness, and nutrition (including, of course, some great Idiot's Guides); check your bookstore. Meanwhile, be good to your body, and the result will be that you'll feel good about yourself.

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