For HIS Eyes Only

Men, just because you've heard that a woman is theoretically capable of hundreds of orgasms, this doesn't mean thatyOur partner is one of those women who has to dimax five dozen times before she's satisfied. Jf you're not sure what her preferences are, ask her. Some women have varying preferences, so at times your woman may be muftfojgasmic, and at times she may be satisfied with one for even nonej. Every woman has her own !ev*J of pleasure, and her own cycles, Don't make her feel she's under any obligation bo measure up to some arbitrary standard you may have read about in "Penthouse Forum." Otherwise, she may end up faking orgasms.

Well, thank goodness those days are gone. But, unfortunately, we've arrived at the opposite extreme now, and women are expected to have an orgasm every time they have sex—not just once, but again and again and again. Not only does this put more pressure on a man to perform, but it puts pressure on a woman to have multiple orgasms, and very obvious ones at that. In fact, you could say that the

"big O" is the female equivalent of male performance anxiety.

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